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Sometimes, things around the home start to look a bit drab. So what can you do? Two words: home decoration. If you’re tired of looking at the same old thing day after day, maybe it’s time to jazz it up. There’s nothing quite like beautifying the place where you live, work, relax and entertain. If you are in Kolkata, you can contact some affordable home interior designers decorators in Kolkata, to get free advices.

Below we’ve compiled some of our best home decorating tips and tricks.

Home Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

It’s such a drag when a room feels small and tight. All it takes is a few simple changes to widen things up. Add a few mirrors to the room, as this will give the illusion of depth. Wide open windows have a similar effect, and the look of every room benefits from the sun shining in. Stripes on the floor can elongate the space, though be careful that it blends in well.

That’s not all. Put shelves up near the ceiling. Pull furniture away from the wall. Wallpaper the roof. Paint the room with light colors. And the tips don’t stop there.

Home Decorating Tips for Living Room

How to restore life to your living room? How to have it looking great again? Step one, use a lot of pillows, each of a different shape, color and design. Pile them up on your couches. You have any empty corners? Fill them with pot plants. That old wooden cabinet you’ve owned forever? Take it outside and paint it to match the room.

One great thing that doesn’t cost a cent is to go through and clear up that clutter. Do you have an entire week of newspapers sitting on the coffee table? Get rid of them. Are there small trinkets and knick knacks lining the tops of your cabinets? Get rid of them! Remember the cantaloupe rule: anything that’s smaller than a cantaloupe is going to make a room look cluttered. Do you have DVDs and books stacked up in random piles all over the place? Organize them! Hide them! Put them on a shelf! Buy a shelf if you don’t have one! Do anything to get rid of that clutter!

That’s not all. Start renovating. Use idiosyncratic materials. A bit of stone over here, a bit of wood over there. Make it interesting. Divide the room using rugs. Use a yellow rug to mark the computer area. A tan rug to mark the television area. A black and white rug to mark the reading area. Now, what about house painting?

Home Painting Tips

Turn off the television and get the family to join in. Any kid will jump at the opportunity to paint their own room if they love the color. Some helpful tips here. Try color matching. Use paint that matches the furniture. If you have high ceilings, feel free to use a dark color. If you have low ceilings, use wallpaper.

Use neutral colors if you want everything in the room to blend with its surroundings. White is a blank slate, clean and powerful. Grey inspires creativity. Blue is calm and peaceful. Green is cool and natural. Pink is feminine. Orange is warm and cozy. Yellow is light and bright.

Decorating Your Home Can Be Loads of Fun

The possibilities for home decoration are endless. The furniture in every room can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. Walls can be painted an infinite number of colors. In the end, the choices all come down to you. Not all decorating options were created equal, so use our helpful home decorating tips and tricks as your guide. There’s no reason your house can’t look stunning today.

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