Mobile Apps: Top 8 AI Technologies that are widely used in Mobile Apps

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Mobile apps have altered the approach to living a life. As of now, they are our elementary requirement. Just look everywhere you will see how much you are encircled by the mobile apps and dependent on them to achieve your daily goals. Furthermore, AI technology in mobile apps is intensifying more innovative ways to broaden the app industry.

Artificial intelligence has fetched the world at the mercy of its technology. Just look around yourself and you will see countless examples of AI applications. The use of artificial intelligence has become common these days. You can see multiple apps around you that are successfully using AI technology. AI technology has brought great comfort to its users’ lives.

As far as game app development is concerned, AI is regulating the gaming industry too. Games are getting more exciting and captivating day by day as their foundation is becoming strong.

What Artificial intelligence simply is?

It is a kind of intelligence that uses computer systems to perform those tasks that need human’s intellect. Basically, it enables the computer to think and make decisions like human beings. This technology emerged to resolve human problems.

Profits from the artificial intelligence market globally 

Artificial intelligence is serving companies in generating a greater number of leads and revenues. Especially for the software market globally, it has been estimated that till 2025 it will take the revenue to the next level heights.

Revenues from the artificial intelligence software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025

AI technologies

Artificial intelligence is acting like a main creator of emerging technologies in this era. Below are the top 8 AI technologies that are widely used in mobile apps.

  • Speech Recognition 

One of the most notable AI technologies is speech recognition. With the help of speech recognition technology, the human voice can be converted into a language that is understandable for the computer. It can be said as the conversion of vocals from analog to digital. In this technology computers receive dictation from human beings, analyze it and perform the task accordingly. There are a lot of speech recognition apps available for free to use. For instance; Siri and Cortana, they assist in decoding human language into a computer comprehensible format. These days so many mobile app development companies are utilizing this technology and are adding them into mobile phones by default.

  • Chatbots

The word chatbots simply comes from the chatterbot. This AI technology is used to conduct online chat sessions and assist in communication with the help of text or text to speech and both. Chatbot AI technology is generally used by business owners to resolve customer queries online through the messaging bot they developed on their websites for the assistance of the customers. Chatbots resolve human queries. They are developed in such a way that they can understand the purpose behind the vocal or written query raised by any human being, and after that they provide a response that matches that purpose.It can simply refer to the virtual assistants of the company who is resolving customer queries online, but is not a human being.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most widely used technologies of Artificial intelligence. It is the procedure which uses mathematical algorithms that helps computers to learn directly without training. Machine learning provides assistance to machines on how to learn. This technology is widely used and incorporated in so many apps as it assists computers to continue learning from its past knowledge and refining its capabilities on its own.

  • Natural Language

Natural language processing is another AI technology that assists and makes the machine capable enough to comprehend and interpret conversational contributions from human beings. It is generally used to create the communication stations between the machines and humans. You might have already used this technology several times but are not aware of it properly. For instance: spell checker, auto complete, voice text message, spam filters, search related keywords and most importantly Siri, Alexa or the Google assistant.

  • Biometrics

Biometrics is an AI technology which is very useful for the security purpose. It is used to identify, recognize and confirm the human identity with the help of exclusive, biotic and bodily characteristics. Fingerprints, voice, facial, iris, finger vein patterns and palm.

  • Image Recognition

Image recognition technology is one of the greatest accumulations in the field of mobile app development. Its processing totally relies on the procedure of recognizing any image in a video or still image. This kind of AI technology also helps in recognizing individuals by their face, and detect illnesses.

  • Emotion Recognition

Emotion recognition is another exciting AI technology. It helps to detect the human emotions from their face or audios. Generally used in medical facilities or in dungeons.  While some countries are using this technology in jails to ease the process of interrogation. It helps them evaluate a prisoner’s emotions.

  • Text Recognition

This AI technology helps the user to search out for the relevant information with more efficiency. It helps in gathering the information required by the user from social media, websites, news, magazines and from other sources that are available on the internet.

In a nutshell

Mobile apps are reforming the future world and have brought relaxation in the people’s everyday lives as well as for the corporate sectors and businesses to run their overall administrative procedure smoothly. The use of artificial intelligence technologies, such as speech recognition, machine learning, chatbots, biometrics, image recognition, emotion recognition, and text recognition, is growing, and they are poised to change the world. To remain linked with the ongoing and latest drifts in the field of mobile apps and AI, it is obligatory to discover more innovative ways of technology. Henceforth we will see what is coming next and how it will further restructure our forthcoming lives.

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