The Best of MEE6 Bots’ Commands for 2022

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mee6 commands

Every day there is a new bot designed to perform specific tasks on Discord. Discord server. If you manage many Discord servers, then using a lot of bots can become stressful. In these situations it is possible to make use of MEE6 which is a multi-purpose bot, which is able to replace any other bots like Rhythm Groovy, Groovy, and others.

MEE6 could significantly impact the administration that is a part of Discord servers. It is responsible for showing automated messages and playing music, assisting difficult members, assigning specific roles to users, creating useful statistics, making polls for certain issues, and so on.

The features included in MEE6 Bot Commands are:

mee6 commands

1. Custom commands enable you to assign roles to different members, and send automated messages, send important information, notify members about upcoming and ongoing events, and so on.

2. The MEE6 bot moderation software helps to keep your Discord server free from dangerous ads, unsafe hyperlinks or content that can be disturbing, swear words and other. You can schedule actions to ban or muting the problematic members without any manual hassle.

3. It is possible to set up challenges that require members to identify the song and the artist’s name in order for points. MEE6 dashboard allows you to directly look up your most loved music without having to learn complex commands.

However, the majority of people can’t make use of MEE6 to its fullest potential. MEE6 bot’s fullest capacity since they don’t know the most effective commands. Therefore, here we come with an overview of the most effective MEE6 commands that can be used by everyone Discord users.

The Best MEE6 Commands List for Discord 2022

mee6 commands

Moderation Commands.

The!ban feature is used to remove an unruly user of the Discord server.

The!tempban @username duration command is employed to temporarily remove the user of the Discord server during a specific time.

!tempmute @username temporarily mutes a specific member of Discord. Discord server.

[email protected] is a command used to alert users. You may also include the reason the reason why the user is alerted. A string of warnings can reduce the status of the user if you’re using the method of leveling.

Infractions @username – This command can be used to determine all previous infractions committed by a particular member. Details like bans, warnings, and mute are shown.

2. Birthday Wishes.

birthday @username – This command is used to see the birthday of any particular user.

“!remember-birthday” [date] – Thus the command can be used to include your birthday. The date must be in YYYYYMM-DD or MM-DD format.

Forget-birthday-command – This command will erase your birthday.

The command! set-user-birthday @username is used to record the birthday of a specific member.

The next birthday – displays the birthdays of the 10 members who will be joining in the next week of the Discord server.

3. Music Commands.

play [URL] The command will instantly play the song starting from the URL that you have specified.

!queue – This command can be used to create the queue.

If you’ve started queues and this command is used to add music to that queue.

!vote-skip command – This MEE6 option is used to generate an opportunity to vote that will skip the music.

Start-quiz – Use this command to begin an interactive test on your channel as soon as it is available.

4. Message Commands.

!slow-mode: This command activates slow mode based on the specified time. Therefore, if the it is set for 20 second, users have waiting for 20 second before sending a new message

5. Level Commands.

“!give-xp” @username – This command will award points to the user.

!remove-xp @username : This command takes away points from the user.

The game RPPS is to have fun playing Rock Paper Scissors and gain coins.

Level – This command is used to access the leaderboard on your server.

Richest – This command shows the most wealthy player in your Discord server.


If you’re employing your MEE6 Bot in the Discord server to manage your data it is possible to use various commands that are not well-known to make it more effective. If you have any helpful MEE6 command that can be used by Discord users, please let us know in the comment section below.