Making Extraction Procedures Feasible With Surgical Periotomes

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Extraction procedures require that you must have the right tools for removing the tooth efficiently. By taking advantage of dental tools such as periotome you can make difficult surgical procedures safe and effective. Such tools allow you to remove the tooth with less trauma and damage.

Uses In Oral Surgeries:

It is a tool used for damaged teeth removal from roots. By contrast with a common surgical elevator, they provide a less traumatic method. Periotomes consists of blades that cut the fibers of the periodontal around the tooth. With this technique, the tooth can be gently removed from the socket without causing any damage to the adjacent bone or soft tissues of the mouth. As well as helping with postoperative healing, it can also be used to replace teeth in the near future.

Mostly, they are made up of titanium or stainless steel material. If it has stainless steel material which is a traditional material then it is thick and wide in shape and the ends can be sharpened again. 

What Should You Look For While Choosing Periotomes:

Firstly, answer the question: how frequent is tooth removal? Especially if you practice exodontia, you should purchase a good periotome. It has a sharp blade that will withstand many methods and keep its sharpness. Periodontists benefit greatly from serrated periodontal surfaces. This blade features serrated edges that easily cut the fibers. In this procedure, it does not stretch the ligaments or create too big a space between fibers.

  • Periodontal ligaments are easily accessible by thin blades.
  • Blades must be very sharp so that they easily access periodontal ligaments.
  • Your tool is designed with ergonomic handles that are easy to grasp.
  • It will not break as it’s flexible.

Major Types:

Some of the widely used types of this instrument are:

  1. If it has a straight blade then it will be used for making the separation in periodontal ligaments. 
  2. An angled or curved shape equipment is used to make spaces in ligaments but it depends on the procedure that the dentist will use which shape. 

Other than these types there are specially designed as well which helps in the picking of ligaments of the right and left side of the mouth. 

Are There Any Differences Between Periotomes & Luxators?

Both types of equipment differ in appearance. Despite variations in design, In general, these tools have a similar shape: Typically, luxators are made of plastic or another hard material without any metal with a tapered long tip. While the luxators are usually made up of metal and have a rough and robust grip for proper handling. 

When it comes to the tip of equipment, the luxator has a longer one than the periotome which has a shorter tip. The Luxator is bent from an angle which allows easy access to the working areas such as back teeth or the area under the teeth. In practical usage, both are somehow similar in functions. Both are used for cutting or dissecting the ligaments as both have sharp tips. These are safer to use as it allows gentle directional force which prevents the injury of nearby tissues of adjacent teeth.  

Effective to Use in Atraumatic Tooth Extraction:

“Preservation of adjacent teeth and tissues is essential for long-term oral health.”

Atraumatic tooth extraction procedure is an essential part of the damaged tooth removal process which prevents the damaging of bones and architecture of the gingival tissues. With the help of peritomes, positioning and placing of the implant can be done effectively and easily. If a dentist wants to make the atraumatic extraction procedure then he should use the periotome as it is one of the essential surgical instruments for dental extraction. 

While doing the root planing of a tooth, the periotome is used to place between the ligament spaces for extraction purposes. They also consist of elevators that are thin and flat in shape. If a dentist carefully and properly uses this equipment then the dental extraction can be done successfully without damaging or traumatizing the nearby soft tissues and gums. As it ensures the protection of adjacent teeth and soft tissues which helps in the supply of blood and the healing process.

Final Thoughts:

As periotomes are an essential surgical instrument for tooth extraction procedures then dentists should buy this crucial equipment for their dental kit. At GerDentUSA Inc. we are providing advanced and high-quality equipment such as dental anglevators, and other dental instruments for surgical procedures. Corrosion and resistant free equipment are available in all sizes whether it is large, small, or medium and dentists can use them as per the need of the hour. Visit our website to get further information. 

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