Lil Baby Rap Music ( A Detail look at young rapper’s music life )

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Dominique Armani Jones, with the industry name Lil Baby, is a popular figure in the American music industry. 

Lil Baby was born on December 3, 1994. He belongs to Atlanta (Georgia). He was a member of a broken family and his early life was full of challenges for survival. He couldn’t continue his studies due to a lack of supporting resources.  After the drop out of school due to multiple reasons, he was accused many times of illegal activities. He was arrested more than once, for being involved in unlawful activities, and eventually got the opportunity to start his rapper career with Quality Control Music and 4 pockets Full. 


With the lessons of the hardest past, Jones initiated his career in 2015. He released his mixtape, Perfect Timing in 2015. Soon after this in 2017, the second mixtape “Harder than Hard” was released. 

The sequence did not break and there was another presentation, “2 The Hard Way”. This time, it was a joint effort of Lil Baby and Marlo, an Atlanta rapper. 

The biggest breakthrough came when the mixtape “Too Hard”, got the attention of the masses. The promotion song of this mixtape “Freestyle” got more than 400 million views on Youtube. 

In 2018, Lil Bay released his first studio album, “Harder Than Ever”. It remained in the third position on US Billboard 200, which shows the top 200 most popular songs. 

In the last quarter of 2018, Lil Baby released his mixtape “Drip Harder”. The Recording Industry Association of America awarded its song “Drip too hard” certified 9x Platinum. It was in the fourth position on US Billboard 200. The achievements of his career continued, and he released the album “My Turn” in 2020. The performance list of Lil Baby is very long and includes singles, studio albums, and mixtapes that became part of record charts one after another. 

Latest Lil Baby Rap Music:

Famous Albums:

Album Title Year Award
Harder than ever 2018 RIAA Platinum, MC Gold
My Turn 2020 RIAA 3x Platinum, BPI Silver
The Voice Of The Heroes (Collaborative Album) 2021 RIAA Gold



Title Year Award
Perfect Timing  2017
Harder than Hard 2017
The Hard Way 2017
Too Hard 2017 RIAA Gold
Drip Harder  2018 RIAA Platinum, MC Gold
Street Gossip 2018 RIAA Gold


The list of songs is too long, but we can highlight the best:

“Life Goes On”

“Off White Vlone”

“Business Is Business”

“Deep End”

“Seals Pills”



“Word on the Street”

“Bad Bad Bad”

“Get Ugly”



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