Let your love twinkle for eternity

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No matter how hard you try not to fall in Love, there is always that one person who can make you fall in love with them. Their existence will become your salvation, and they’ll add purpose to your life; they’ll make every bit of your life colorful, just like the stars make the empty black space gorgeous. As time goes on, the Love you have for them keeps expanding. They make you feel all sorts of things. They become part of you. They make your life meaningful and your future exciting. At some point in time, when you look at them, you will ask yourself, “How did I land you?.”

Love is what drives our life. Finding someone special is not an accident but a destiny. When you finally find that one person, they become your serenity amidst the chaos. Every day becomes the celebration of the Love you both share. Just like in-universe, there are billions of stars, but the sun is the only star to support life on earth, the same way there are eight billion people on earth, but there is only that one person you want to spend your rest of life with. You must be thinking, “How magical love is ?.” No doubt it is a magical journey, but we know every journey has some hurdles and hardships but facing and fighting those battles are more manageable when you are with the right person. A journey with the right person on the challenging roads with potholes is much better than walking alone on a straight road because the journey is more important than the destination.

Love is everywhere from birth to death. The parent’s Love is unconditional. The Love in friendship is cheerful. The Love we find in our partner is romantic. The Love you have for your sibling is pure, the Love you have for your role models is motivational, etc. These people become the brightest light on your darkest nights.

These people are the stars in your life; they brighten your days, they can help you find your way when you’re lost, and they provide light to your soul and washes away the darkness within you. These people are the reason you feel loved and secure. These people are why you wake up every day, go to your job, and come home exhausted, but you feel it was all worth it at the end of the day.

There will be many occasions in your life with these people like anniversaries, birthdays, milestones, etc. So usually, gift-giving happens on this kind of occasion.

Gifts have constantly played an essential role in developing a solid and happy relationship at any point in time. This is because gifts, in general, provide various benefits that will strengthen and sustain your relationship indefinitely. While most relationships are unique in their way, no one can deny that presents have a way of strengthening the bond. When we talk about connections and relationships, we’re not talking about your better half or companion. It could be a relationship with your parents, friends, siblings, coworkers, etc. As discussed earlier, these people become your brightest star in the darkest nights, so why not give them a star as a gift? Sounds Amazing, right!

Having a star named after your loved one is the most beautiful gesture you can give them it symbolizes your relationship with them throughout eternity. There are nearly 8 billion people on earth, and there are a hundred billion stars in space, so every one of us can have a star named after us that twinkles the bond we share with our loved ones forever.

Also, purchasing a star is a unique gift because once registered in your name, the star will be only yours permanently.

How to buy a star?

There are many companies out there that sell star names. But before walking through the whole process of buying a star certificate, you must understand some facts like that the stars’ process varies depending on the types of stars you select. There are three types of stars, they are:

  1. Standard Stars
  2. Binary Stars
  3. Constellation Stars

Standard Stars:

Standard stars are regular stars that are easy to locate, and we can watch them regularly. The team at star-selling companies will guide you through these stars, and you can select the one you like. The selection criteria are always the brightness of a star. Standard Stars are cheap compared to others.

Binary Stars:

These stars can be perfect gifts for couples because two stars orbit around a common center of mass. These stars can be more expensive than standard stars because they are very bright and infrequent.

Constellation Stars:

If you want to purchase a star within a specific constellation as a gift, it will cost just as much as a regular star. You’ll be provided a list of constellations from which to choose your star.

You might think the prices of stars can be at peaks, But believe me, it’s not. It’s much more affordable than you imagine. The average price range of stars can start at as low as 20$ to as high as 130$.

Buying a star:

After selecting the star at the star selling companies, you should name the star.  The star’s name should be unique so that the receiver understands how much it means to you. It can be challenging to name a star, so it is recommended to visit a website that will let you name a star after your loved ones or yourself to overcome this problem. This procedure will cost you nearly 100$, but it is worth it.

Even if your star is seen in the space, many firms provide an additional gift to go along with it. You can get a physical presence with the star’s name engraved on it. You should expect to pay at least $100 to $120 if you name the star and receive a physical gift. You may, for example, purchase a star map, a framed certificate, etc.

After all, buying a star is regarded as the most beautiful gesture. So, if you want to buy a star, the cost is negligible compared to the feelings you have for your loved one. Let your love twinkle for eternity.



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