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Laurae Coltart Westwood is presently known as Lee Westwood’s ex who is a golfer, She is otherwise called the sister of a Scottish golf player whose name is Andrew Coltart. Laurae Coltart Westwood gets hitched to Lee. Lee Westwood is probably the best golf player who won numerous competitions in various nations like North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. He acquired triumphs on the European visit and the PGA visit. In forty years Lee has won the competitions during the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s.

He became popular and got the name of European Tour Golfer of the Year. Their wedded life was around 16 years. From that point onward, they isolated in the year 2015. Later around 2 years of division, their separation was finished in the year 2017. Later then Lee chose to go to Europe for a visit. At the point when we talk about her family, Laurae has not shared any data in regards to her folks and kin.

Time of Laurae Coltart Westwood

At the point when we talk about the time of Laurae Coltart Westwood, she was brought into the world in the year 1975 and presently she is 46 years of age. She never uncovers her real birthday subtleties.

Laurae Coltart Westwood Net Worth

She possesses an extremely huge sum, and there is no question concerning that. She procured provision from her ex Lee Westwood later their separation. As indicated by big name total assets, her better half Lee has an expected total assets of about $40 million. Furthermore it is a huge sum.

 Relationship Status of Laurae Coltart Westwood

 Relationship Status of Laurae Coltart Westwood

Laurae Westwood has not discussed her new relationship socially. Later she got separated from Lee Westwood, she has not shared any insight about her new accomplice and furthermore whether or not she is dating. Regardless of whether there is no information or gossip about her new relationship status.

The calling of Laurae Coltart Westwood

By calling, Laura is a marvel advisor. Her ex Lee and her sibling, Laurae Coltart likewise included on a wiki page. Laurae went to cosmetologist school before she got hitched and afterward opened a salon named Fringe Benefits.

In the year 1995, Laurae met her ex interestingly at Scottish Open. Lee and Laurae Coltart get hitched in the year 1999. Yet, they took their ways isolated in 2015. Lastly, got a separation in 2017.

Lee and Laurae have two youngsters together. They are honored with a young lady and a kid. Their child’s name is Samuel Bevan Westwood and their girl’s name is Poppy Grace Westwood.

Laurae Coltart Westwood via web-based media

Every one of the fans were flabbergasted when they got to realize that Laurae has no record via online media stages. Some of them get baffled since why need to see updates of Laurae on regular routine. However she isn’t found on Facebook, Instagram, and furthermore on Twitter.

Laurae Coltart Westwood Relationship

The spouse of Lee Westwood, Laurae Coltart is the sister of Lee’s previous Ryder Cup partner named Andrew Coltart. As of late, this couple turned out to be important for Palm Beach. Laurae filled her obligation as a mother alongside composing for in 2019 during Ryder Cup.

In Relationship between Lee Westwood and Laurae Westwood, it turns into a progression of battles since Lee has extra-conjugal undertaking. They chose to follow various ways throughout everyday life. Later partition, the kids got comfortable Scotland with Laurae. Lee Westwood gets hitched to his better half, whose name is Caddy Helen Story. They coordinated an unexpected wedding in Las Vegas.

Some well established Facts of Laurae Coltart Lee Westwood

In 1999. Lee and Laurae get hitched.The wedded existence of Laurae and Lee Westwood is around 16 years. Following 16 years they separated from one another
Laurae has two kids from her ex, Lee, Poppy Grace Westwood, and Samuel Bevan Westwood.

One of their kids was brought into the world in 2001 and one of every 2004.
Beside Lee Westwood’s significant other, Laurae is otherwise called the sister of Scottish golf player, whose name is Andrew Coltart

The calling of Laurae Coltart Westwood is a stunner advisor.

Laurae has not been found on any online media stages. She isn’t on Facebook, Instagram and furthermore not on Twitter.

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