Latest Trends in the Field of Trophies

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Trophies are a fun and unique way to reward other people. As the owner of a new business, you might hand out awards to recognize the workers who helped make your company a success.

You can them to those who made the most sales or others who helped improve your profits. Trophies are also a great way to let students know they did well at the end of the year and make fun gifts for their loved ones. Before you buy a single trophy, take a look at some of the hottest trends in this field.

Different Materials

If you think that all trophies are the same, it’s time to take a look at some of the materials that are now available. The right materials for your trophies will depend on how much you want to spend. Pewter is quite classy and can last for years, but it’s more expensive than other metals are. Those with bigger budgets might go for classic gold and silver trophies that include a clock or a removable award in the center. You’ll also find trophies that use glass or crystal.

Custom Designs

Many people assume that they can only choose from a small number of trophies that someone else designed. But there are places that offer custom trophies to allow you the chance to design your own. You can do more than just add the person’s name to the front and the reason why they won the award.

It’s now just as easy to choose from different sizes and designs as well as colors and fonts to create a custom trophy that no one else has. Custom designs usually cost much less than you might assume, too. Make sure you let the company you choose know how much you can afford to spend.

Vintage Looks

Who says that new is always best? Vintage looks are just as fun and make just as good of an impression. Disney+ released several hit shows in the Star Wars series that made the franchise more popular than ever before.

You can now create a trophy that features an image of Yoda and other beloved characters on the front. Vintage designs also include classic elements that never go out of style such as busts.

Though you may not want to make custom busts for everyone you know, you can make trophies that feature the bust of someone who is important to your company.

Funky Trophies

Some of the more common trophies you see in shops are fairly basic and a little boring. They might have a wood or plastic base with a metal figure or object on the top.

The only thing you add is a plaque with the name of the person who gets it. Funky awards are different and include modern designs that many people love.

You might go with acrylic trophies that workers will like to display on their desks or crystal trophies with modern accents. You can even incorporate unusual accents like a metal octopus or a mythical creature to your trophies.

Going Beyond the Basic

Giving trophies and awards have many benefits such as free PR and helping your company attract better workers. You no longer need to stick with the same designs because going beyond basic designs is one of the hottest trends in this industry.

Paperweights are a great way to give your employees an award that is functional. They can easily display it at home or in their office.

Cast medals are another option. Medals are suitable for both kids who win awards at school and the adult workers in your office. The winners may even like wearing their awards after they win them before hanging them on their walls.

Do you remember being a kid and winning awards at school? You can recreate that feeling in other kids or among the employees you hire with new trophies. Trophies allow you to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of others.

You don’t need to rely on the same designs that so many other people did over the years because custom awards are very hot right now. Other trends in the field of trophies include funky designs and modern trophies that feature vintage or retro elements.

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