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jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin was just like the rest of us. Jose Trinidad Marin was born on the 15th of February, 1964 in the nation of the United States. The Zodiac sign of Jose Trinidad Marin is Aquarius. He is of mixed family and is from a Christian family. His real name for Trino Marin was Jose Trinidad Marin and his nickname is Trino. He became famous after his wedding to Jenni Rivera. She was a actor, singer and writer. TV producer, spokesman as well as an businesswoman. They were married in 1984.

A little bit of details about Jose. Jose is from Mexican heritage and holds an American-Mexican passport. He was raised by his parents in Mexican with his grandparents prior to making the move into America. United States.

The couple was married in 1984. When they got married, wedding, Trino Marin Jovenwas twenty years old, while Jenni Riverawas just age 15. They were pregnant with their first child when they got married. wedding.

Jose Trinidad Marin Relationship

As we all know , everybody has their own expectations, especially when they are married to your dear family members. The same is true for them; Jenni has a lot of expectations from Trino. Their first child was born in the year 1985. He was named Chiquis. Following a time in 1989, their son was born, named Jacqueline. Their third child was named Michael was born in 1991.

In the end, they were parents to three kids. However, their married life was full of struggle and violence. The couple finally dismantled their lives and made the decision to start a new chapter within their lives. Jenni Rivera’s former husband assaulted and abused her, and also abused them mentally. He sexually assaulted her daughter as well as her sister, and it was totally unplanned. The most important reason for their divorce was physical and mental violence.

Following their divorce After their divorce, the older cousin of Jenni Rivera who was named Rosie acknowledged that she was sexually assaulted in 1997 by Jenni Rivera’s partner Trino Marin. Following that, he repeated similar things with the daughter of his Chiquis. An unexpected news story made public following a test by a doctor which revealed that he’d also done the same thing with Jacqueline. In 1997, a molestation charge was filed and Trino marin was able to run off for nine years.

He was arrested, in April of 2006. The jury found him guilty of sexual assault as well as sexual assault.. Then he was sentenced to over 31 years in prison with no possibility of parole. Trino Marin is currently serving his prison time for such crimes. The that same year his former wife was married to Juan Lopez for the second time.

A career for Jose Trinidad Marin

In the early stages of his love affair in the beginning of his relationship with Jenni, Trino did many tasks. He began to earn an impressive sum when he got a job as a manager at the restaurant. He advised that his partner, Jenni Rivera ,stay at home rather than taking a college course and taking up her studies. It was due to the necessity to take care of the children and their their family much better. It was as if Rivera could not understand it and didn’t argue with him, and the situation turned into physical violence. After his divorce of Jenni, Jose Trinidad Marin was able to start a fresh life at Riverside Country.

The net worth of Trino Marin

The primary source of income is the main source of income for Trino Marinis his career in business. According to a report that he earns between 600 and 800k USD.

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera broke up in 1992.

After years years of abuse from a the mental flame-thrower, Jenni Rivera was forced to end her relationship. The divorce petition was filed in 1990, and the divorce was completed in 1992. The custody of 3 children Chiquis, Jackie, and Michael was given over to the mother of their children (Jenni Rivera). Abuse of physical and mental nature was the cause for Jenni being ostracized by her husband to seek divorce. Jenni was unable to find out about her ex-husband’s prior sexual abuse scandal for many years after divorce in 1997.

Trino’s sexual assault of his daughter and sister-in law

Jenni Riveraand her daughters were injured by Jenni Rivera’s former husband known in the media as Jose Trinidad Marin. The reason for this is that her ex-husband was jailed. As we all know , the queen of music Jenni Rivera HTML0had an extensive and stunning experience in her career as a musician. The private life of this massive woman was not the same and difficult. She has a lot of personal problems and has many companions in the process.

But an extremely difficult events of the singer’s life was when she discovered. She learned that her beloved ex-husband who was 43, Trino Marin, had sexually assaulted his two children Chiquis and Jackie and Rosie Rivera, who was her sister-in-law. They were both young girls at the time they were abused by Jose. In 1992 Jennifer Marin, who died in 1992 Jenni Marin came to learn about her former husband who is also known as Trino Marin, who had abused his daughters.

The Princess of Music took the step to pursue justice, and later, she made a legal case against her former husband, Trino Marin following the discovery of his shocking plight. The court was able to impose a sentence that lasted 31 years.

Jose Trinidad Marin ran disappeared when the case was resolved in 2006. Jenni Rivera HTML0discloses the whole story in front of television and the media since the authorities were unable to locate the suspect. Then, she explains what happened to her daughters and herself. Then the incident, a retired FBI agent helped Jenni as well as her entire family with finding him. They were able to catch the man after nine years.

The death of Jenni Rivera

The ex-wife of Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera, died in an accident on the air. On the 9th December of 2021, she travelled on Learjet 25 in the early in the morning with fellow passengers. In order to perform at the Monterrey Arena, she arrived in town at night. Then, she and four of her staff including two pilots took a flight to Monterrey Airport to Toluca. They were go to a news conference following the event. The plane went missing in the air and it was discovered the news spread that their plane had damaged and the passengers lost their lives.

7 Facts about Jose Trinidad

1. Nickname given to Jenni Rivera’s husband who was her firstwas Trino Marin.

2. Ex-husband of the late popular singer Jenni Rivera who is also popularly referred to by the name of Jose Trinidad, is now at the age of 56. Jose Trinidad was born in the year 1964. He is a popular celebrant his birthday on February 15th.

3. When we discuss his wedding life, Jose Trinidad Marinwas married to singer Jenni Rivera. The

first time they met they began their relationship in high school, and later got wed in the year 1984. They went on to go their separate ways in 1992.

4. Concerning Trinidad’s family, it is clear that there aren’t information about Trinidad’s parents that are publicly available. But, he does have one brother, but his name isn’t revealed.

5. Jose has been in jail in connection with a case of rape and sexual assault.

6. The sentence was 31 years of prison without parole in 2007.

7. His daughter was the father of her in 2017. She posted a photo of the meeting on Facebook and pleaded with him to forgive his father Jose Trinidad Marin,and give him another chance.