iOS 15 Ideas for Homescreens 2022

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iOS 15 Ideas for Homescreens

iPhone as well as iPad are amazing devices and they generate most of the profits for Apple. The Cupertino-based firm is cautiously and not making any risky decisions. iPhone is great, but it’s dull in terms of design elements as well as a slow improving iOS GUI software. Here are iOS 15 Home Screen ideas that we have curated to give you the best settings. It is possible to capture the idea in your head and then customize the design to suit your needs.

The Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas for 2022

1. Willfulness

Human brains have outstripped the imagination of all people and you can accomplish the same thing in a limited environment. You can organize iOS 15 apps in folders and change the names of all of them. Also, you can also use icons or emojis instead of text to identify the categories of folders.

You can make use of the video camera icon in Emoji to identify the category and then push YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other apps within it.

  • Include one category of apps within the folder.
  • Hold on the file for few seconds, then select “Rename” from the “Rename” choice.
  • Take the name that is currently in use.
  • Start the Emoji bar on the keyboard and begin looking for an appropriate icon to use in the folder.
  • I picked office building Emoji office building.
  • Escape from the keyboard.
  • Reduce the size of the folder so that you can see an image of the emoji/icon within the name of the folder.

Take the system apps off on the dock. Replace them by regularly frequented ones. It will make navigation easier and boost efficiency by having shortcuts within the dock.

It is possible to set any wallpaper to the Home Screen, but I suggest that you pick a beach themed background to get in the mood. There are two Home Screens that create a separation between your personal and professional life, and not have to be concerned about distractions.

2. Alacrity Home Screen – Best iOS 15 Home Screen

Alacrity Home Screen is all about the personalization that defines your personal style. It is among the top iPhone home screens to consider. Start with the dock and then pin commonly used apps , such as productivity apps, social media and much more.

Include a Photos widget on the top of the screen to bring positivity into your life and keep in mind your loved ones constantly. The To-Do list widget can be placed just below it, so that you can concentrate on your goals and push yourself to improve more for those you love.

Place the most essential apps in the first row, like Maps, Contacts, Music apps Apps for booking cabs, etc.

There is no limit on what you’d like to include to the initial Home Screen and maintain others too. Pick a light, bright hue to bring positive energy throughout the day. the colors affect your daily life, so select cautiously.

3. Brown Bread 

Brown bread can be a color scheme that works well with newer iPhone models. A lot of iPhone users have decided to opt out of Apple services and have begun to enjoy third-party apps.

Incorporate frequently used apps into the dock. Music is my preferred app when working.

Create a calendar widget for the top of your screen, to let you know the day of the week.

Music is the lifeblood of our society, that’s the reason Spotify as well as the Apple Music widget goes in the middle of the screen. Naturally, it is possible to are able to select the one that uses the middle slap forever.

You can save apps you use only occasionally, but may need to be used at any time. Make a few folders and store all frequently commonly used applications in them, including system apps.

4. Feel Motivated & Creative – iOS 15 Home Screen

Are you launching a new company or pursuing something new? Every successful person was told they would fail and you might be around those who have been told the same. Do not let anyone dictate to you how to live your life and in the terms you’d like to be successful in the direction you decide to take.

You are spending a lot of time using your phone to read, respond to messages, research, and much more. Set a light and bright-colored wallpaper to calm your eyes and keeps you focused. Colors that are bright have been proven to improve mood and can positively impact your daily routine.

Include three motivational phrases across the three sides on the display. Text gadgets, notes or widgets that remind you to focus on the task in order to achieve the desired goal.

Make your dock customizable and pin apps that are frequently used only.

5. Fire Focus

We lead a full life, and don’t have a moment to waste on useless activities. You’re burning and moving at lightning speed and there’s absolutely no stopping your. It is imperative to keep your iPhone ready to ease your burden and make it easier to complete your daily tasks.

Eliminate all unneeded apps from your dock and pin apps that are productive, such as the browser, email, and the to-do list application.

Create a wallpaper with a blurry effect that is in tune with your home and the surrounding.

Install a battery widget on the first row so that you don’t get up in the morning with only 10% remaining to fill up. Unfortunately, the current iPhone still comes with a notch on every model that you can have any notch Android phones on the market.

Include a calendar app on the first row to make it easy to access reminders and other details quickly.

6. Mr. Organizer Apple’s iOS 15: Aesthetic Style

iOS software doesn’t permit users to significantly modify the device, and that’s an issue. You can’t break the restrictions, but you can include widgets, folders and applications for it to feel like home.

I would leave the dock customization to you I’d recommend sticking with the standard apps since

They’re optimized to run efficiently on. Find third-party widgets on the App Store and include the large calendar widget to one of the rows. You can look at your day’s, dates and the monthly calendar your Home Screen itself.

Create four folders on the second row. You can add the social media channels, school/work photos games, notes and other items in them. Notes can be added as a widget on your Home Screen, and it must be a reminder to your goals.

Create a clock widget in the last row , and then create folders within the space to organize applications in one spot. It is possible to make categories for tools games, productivity, and much more. The goal is achieved through the organization of your Home Screen for productivity and speedier access.

You can pick any color of brown, but ensure it has minimal elements that distract you. The wallpapers shouldn’t include distracting patterns, words or a sketch that reminds you of specific moments in your life.

7. Rainbow Spirit

Your iPhone comes with rainbow wallpapers on it, and you can try them out for a change. Do not be afraid to stay away from them as the developers have made them with an iOS device in the forefront of their minds.

These wallpapers come with a lively spectrum of colors with vivid colors that coincide with the screen. It is indeed made with the display aspect ratio in mind and also the kind of technology in mind. Therefore, the rainbow wallpapers available in the library are an absolute must-have for the iPhone.

The dock is changed to reflect the earlier choice.

  • App for phones
  • Safari browser
  • Messages
  • Music

Apple altered the Music app’s color back to its previous version. There are several Screens for your Home Screens in a row and organize them in a way and divide each screen by the use of categories. Now. I’ll leave the creative aspect to your imagination and then discuss the idea in the comments section.

8. Aesthetic Pink

I’d like to start with aesthetic pink, which means it’s a blend of pink and organized Home screens. There’s no need in having multiple screens on the device, and having each app installed in one place.

Music is a constant source of entertainment for millions of people all over the world. We will put a widget from Apple Music as well as Spotify at right at the very top. Social media is an essential aspect of our people’s lives, and we’ll combine all applications into one folder.

The daily chores are crucial and we shouldn’t run the risk of not doing them, therefore, you should include a slap on a To-Do-list widget in the middle of your screen. You can take a brief glance at the list of things to be completed during the current day.

You must fit all apps installed applications on the same screen, which means you have to arrange the apps at the lower part on the display.

9. Inside Macrocosm

Every person is unique both inside and outside and we have exclusive iPhone home screen layouts for you. This isn’t possible with regular iOS software and requires jailbreaking iPhone to allow for extensive personalization.

you will have to download a couple of applications from Cydia and they’re also accessible in the store.

Make a custom icon set and it will contain icon icons that represent the best-loved apps in the App Store. It is possible to have a single widget at the top with four important apps to fit your profession or love of.

In the second row. It is your decision to select the widgets to get the best result. Do not sacrifice functionality for unique output and a beautiful design.


This is our opinion on the top innovative iOS 15 Home Screen ideas and help you define your own unique style within a restrictive application. There’s no need to follow the rules, and you can draw your inspirations from Home Screen ideas to develop your own style. Do not be averse to jailbreaking and it could put your device in danger therefore, don’t follow an avenue you aren’t sure about. Let us know what you think of Homer Screen ideas in the comments below.