How To Create Effective Slideshows for Your Business

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Tips for Using a Slideshow Maker to Advertise Your Business

Advertisement is a crucial part of the modern-age marketing strategy for all businesses. To advertise products and services, marketers follow different kinds of techniques.

At present, marketers are more inclined towards digital marketing. Gone are the days when billboards and pamphlets were the primary means of marketing.

In this digital world, most customers search for your brand on their smartphones or desktops. For the same reason, marketers have to produce engaging digital content to attract digital customers.

Digital content has several types, like videos, images, blogs, GIFs, and many others. Among all types of digital content, slideshows are preferred by many marketers.

You can create a slideshow online and engage the audience. A slideshow is a collection of still images, videos, stickers, text, and other digital content. Media elements in a slideshow appear one after the other and engage the viewer. One can even add music to a slideshow and grab the viewer’s attention.

Marketers rely on a software solution or digital platform to design slideshow. A slideshow creator reduces the workload of creating eye-catching content.

With simple steps, one can create a slideshow that highlights their brand’s story, products, services, policies, and more. However, marketers are often confused about the best way to use a slideshow creator.

Read on to learn some tips for using a slideshow creator and advertising your business.

Leverage the Power of A Slideshow Creator

The first step is to choose the right slideshow creator for your business. The idea is to select a simple yet powerful slideshow creator that can help create engaging content.

The user interface of the slideshow creator should be simple for anyone to use. If the UI of a slideshow creator is complex, a business might have to train marketers to use it.

With the help of a slideshow creator, marketers can reduce the time and effort spent on creating marketing content. A business should choose a slideshow creator that can help marketers reduce the overall time spent. Usually, companies look for slideshow makers with premade templates.

Premade templates allow users to feed digital elements into a pre-existing theme. The pre-existing template will automatically add graphic effects, transitions, font effects, backgrounds, and other elements to make the presentation exciting.

With the help of premade templates, even a beginner can design attractive slideshows. Businesses do not have to hire expert content creators when there is a reliable slideshow creator with premade templates.

Use Images/videos in Your Slideshows

Images are a powerful means of conveying something to the audience. Your slideshow presentations might be disregarded by the audience if they only contain lengthy paragraphs.

However, this does not mean that text should be omitted from your slideshow. The text should be present but in a limited space.

An engaging slideshow presentation is a combination of text, images, videos, GIFs, infographics, stickers, animation effects, and other media elements. Together, the media elements form an unmatched visual experience for your customers.

When you create a slideshow online, try to aptly represent information in images and infographics to catch the viewer’s attention.

Convey Brand Stories via Slideshows

A slideshow is a better way to showcase all your products or service to online users. However, it does not mean a business should only distribute slideshow with sales content.

The audience might find your business boring or pushy if it keeps sharing continuous sales content. A brand can boost its sales without creating much sales content. This can happen when the users form an emotional bond with your brand.

Slideshows are powerful tools, but when used right. Your business should focus on telling stories about the brand’s history to the hard work shown by the employees.

When your slideshows appeal to customers on an emotional level, there will try to understand more about your brand. Slideshows can help with storytelling, as they allow you to use powerful media elements. A business can tell a visual narrative with the help of a slideshow.

Add Hyperlinks to Your Slideshows

What’s the aim of your slideshow? For some marketers, the objective can be to increase the traffic on their website or mobile application via slideshows.

Some marketers might want customers to buy any particular products/services by sharing slideshow presentations. You need to add a way for customers to reach your website or buy your product after watching a slideshow. Do you want the customers to forget about your brand after watching a slideshow? Of course not.

After prospects have watched your slideshow, the chances of turning them into loyal customers are high. So, you need to compel viewers to take action after finishing your slideshow presentation.

The best way to compel customers to take action is to add hyperlinks. Say you are highlighting your product in a slideshow presentation. Below each product image, you can add a hyperlink to the product page.

By clicking on the hyperlink, the viewer can navigate to the product page on your website. Users can then directly purchase your product after watching a slideshow presentation. Some marketers only include hyperlinks in the slideshow description. You can include hyperlinks within the slideshow to increase the engagement rate.

Add a CTA to your Slideshow

Usually, marketers include a “Thank You” note at the end of marketing slideshows. While a thank you might not do much, a CTA might boost the engagement rate.

One can include the thank you note on the second last slide of the presentation. Always dedicate the last slide in your presentation to CTA (Call to Action). A CTA will enable viewers to take action after watching your slideshow.

Some marketers might add pre-CTAs, at the beginning of the slideshows, while some might add them in the middle. However, adding CTAs to the last slide of presentations is the ideal practice.

Some CTA examples for your presentations are as follows:

  • Visit the brand website
  • Download the brand’s mobile application
  • Purchase a product/service now
  • Know more about the brand
  • Leave a review about the brand
  • Explore similar products from the brand
  • Watch a similar marketing video
  • Subscribe to the brand’s YouTube channel
  • Leave a comment
  • Share the slideshow on social media
  • Like the slideshow on social media
  • Follow the brand’s social media account/channel

Optimize your Slideshow

A slideshow creator will help you create engaging content. However, you will have to take extra measures to enhance the searchability of the slideshow.

Similar to video content or a blog, you will have to optimize slideshow presentations as well. With the help of SEO optimization, you can make your slideshows appear on search engines for users to access on digital channels and social media sites.

When sharing slideshows on your website, you need to be discovered by the web crawlers. You can use the trending keywords in your slideshow description to grab the attention of web crawlers. The idea is to achieve a better ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

When sharing slideshows on social media sites, you need to use trending keywords and hashtags in the slideshow description. People on social media sites often search by hashtags for content. Using the right keywords and hashtags will make your slideshows appear at the top for social media searches.

In a Nutshell

A slideshow creator will save you time in creating engaging slideshow presentations. Use a slideshow creator with a simple UI to save time. Also, focus on storytelling with slideshows to develop a bond with customers. Start making appealing slideshows right away!