How to Clean your Mac and Boost your Device Performance

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The Macs are a best-selling computer system that extends a longer life span. They consist of modified computer hardware elements that boosts functioning with improved performance. On the other hand, Macs are prone to problems with bugs, and therefore, it decelerates the functioning of the machine. You can improvise the performance of the Mac by using the below-mentioned techniques.

How to Boost Your Device Performance?

The Macs are popular for their sleek design. Nevertheless, they lag on the performance side. They offer maintenance free or no maintenance services for an extended life span. If you wish to obtain the optimum performance of your system, you need to follow some functions and practices best suited for your Mac.

Alternatively, you can use any of the best free Mac cleaning software for cleansing Mac data and boosting device performance. Furthermore, here are some steps which will improve the health and operational speed of the Mac for free:

●     Boost your Mac with OnyX:

OnyX is a utility-grade maintenance tool for Mac operating systems. After installation, it confirms the compatibility by verifying the version of the macOS. Further, it initiates the maintenance and cleaning operations. Most importantly, this application deletes cache files, temporary data files, malfunctioning files and folders.

Above all, this application is free of cost and trustworthy. It comes with an unsophisticated user interface and renders effortless maintenance tasks. The application provides an attribute to preserve the health of the Mac, and yields improved performance.

●     Scan and Clean Mac with Malware bytes:

Malware Bytes is popular anti-malware software around the globe. It is available for almost all operating platforms, for instance, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The software examines and discards malicious software programs, including security software, ad-wares and spyware.

Malware bytes offer an easy-to-use interface, available in both free and paid versions. In addition, the free version offers removal of the malicious files manually, whereas the paid version consists of scheduled checkups of device drivers, services, program updates, etc.

●     Backup your Data:

Backing up data is a preventive maintenance technique showing pro-activeness against machine failure. This technique proposes the creation of a duplicate copy of the critical files on the external hard drive.

You can choose selected files while backing up on the external hard drive. This is not a permanent solution, but for instance works well. This solution works flawlessly for the users who deal with large data files. The Cloud solution provides tremendous safety of data with flexibility of retrieving it anytime from anywhere. This feature of accessing the data on cloud helps in restoring the data whenever required.

●     Cease background Utilities and Services:

Utility software programs and functions such as Wi-Fi, local printers, point-based file-sharing networks, etc. that serve in the background are the main reason behind slow working of Mac computers. Even though these services are not requisite. They work in the background, consume the RAM, and therefore slow down skillfulness of the computer.

In the top right corner of the screen on the navigation bar, you can search for the applications and utility services working in the background. The background working application icons are present in a row. To free up RAM, you need to end all running utilities and services, which boosts the performance of the computer system.

●     Run Disk Utility:

Disk utility is a service tool that observes the health of the hard disk. It checks on the formatting and directory structure on your Mac. This utility service removes corrupted files and helps repair issues related to peripheral devices, and booting time, and helps to fix problems regarding the hard disk. You can access this tool via Clicking on the Applications, then navigating through utilities, and finally clicking on the Disk utility.  Applications > Utilities >  Disk Utility

The disk utility tool also works as a disk repairing tool. We advise you to run this tool once in three months of the year for experiencing enhanced functionality of the Mac.

●     Closing the Apps When not In Use:

Mostly, the reason behind the low performance of the Mac is the background running applications. We do not require all the applications, but they keep running in the background. These background running applications consume a lot of RAM and slow down the system.

●     Discard Excess Data Files:

In keeping your Mac running efficiently, you need to use the storage space in a well organized manner. Most of the storage space is utilized by the images and videos stored in the storage drive.

Sporadically discarding unnecessary junk files, images, or videos benefits the storage space. Hence, Mac freeing up the space for smooth running of the Mac.

●     Reboot your Mac:

Shutting down and re-starting your Mac is a basic way to rectify sluggish systems. The primary step you should take if your Mac performance becomes slow is restarting your system. When you shut down your Mac, the system clears the RAM because of its volatile nature. It also helps in  killing processes running in the background.


So the next time you encounter issues with the performance of your Mac, you merely need to execute these tasks. To sum up the above write-up, you can try out these procedures and follow these practices to keep your Mac clean and improve its performance. Therefore, the life span of the Mac also enhanced.

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