Colors are so powerful that they can influence the way you think, and even react. Color holds different meanings which strike different emotions and feelings in our human minds. Colors have a huge impact on human psychology. Logo designers can benefit from harnessing and incorporating it into their designs. Using the right colors can grab attention readily and help you build loyal customers. So, let’s find out how to choose the colors while creating a logo-

1.  Red Color Meaning in Logo Design

Red is one of the warmest colors. It is quite popular among males and extroverts. Red is intense like fire and warm as blood. Red is a symbol of passion, energy, love, desire, and determination. Many countries use red color in their flags due to this reason.

In our human body, red raises blood pressure, boosts appetite, increases respiration rate, and enhances metabolism. If you want to grab people’s attention quickly then the red color is a great choice. The red color is dynamic and is often used on call to action buttons on the internet like ‘buy here’ or ‘click here. The most famous examples of the red logos are Target, Coca-Cola, CNN, etc.

2.  Yellow Color Meaning in Logo Design

Next, yellow is a quite vibrant color that is associated with sunshine often. As sunshine is related to happiness and merriness in the world, so does yellow color. Yellow is known to embrace people with warmth, increase mental activity, generate muscle growth and make people cheerful.

Yellow is also used to grab the attention of viewers. However, using too much can have a negative effect. For instance, babies tend to cry in a room painted yellow and it distracts people. Using too much yellow leads to negative feelings of anxiety, isolation, insecurity, lack of self-esteem, etc. Thus, the yellow color should be used in a balanced manner to make the most out of it. Snapchat, Lay’s, IKEA, etc use yellow in their company logo in combination with other colors to create a balanced look.

3.  Blue Color Meaning in Logo Design

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. This color is known for its soothingness, tranquility, and calmness. Blue caresses your heart with peace, freedom, intuition, and imagination. Blue also inspires people to be loyal, honest, sincere, confident, and intelligent.

This color brings tranquility to the body and slows down human metabolism. However, bright blue shades can be used to make a dramatic effect on your logo design. Too much blue can lead to self-centeredness, negativity, etc. Blue is used in logo designs of Twitter, PayPal, Skype, Facebook, etc. You can use an online logo creator to create the perfect balance of colors in your logo design.

4.  Purple Color Meaning in Logo Design

Purple color is an amazing blend of fiery components of the red color and the oceanic qualities of the blue color. Purple is not commonly found in nature. Thus, this color is regarded as sacred, delicate, and precious. Violet symbolizes spirituality, higher self, passion, and vitality. Along with this, violet is also a symbol of power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.

As this color is a combination of red and blue, it has both qualities. Purple can be used in a logo to bring elegance and glam. It gives a luxurious effect and also brings a sense of sophistication to the custom logo. To create a perfect purple logo design, using an online logo maker with graphic design tools can be quick and helpful. Cadbury, FedEx, and Hallmark use purple in their logos.

5.  Green Color Meaning in Logo Design

Green is the color of nature. When linked with spring, green becomes a symbol of life, safety, fertility, new beginnings, and the environment. Other than this, green is also a status symbol for money, banking, ambition, and wealth.

The green color also stands for lack of experience and continuous growth. In addition to this, it has healing effects, physically as well as emotionally. Green is known to have a soothing effect on human vision. As it takes a lot of space in the world, green takes lots of space in the human eye spectrum. Green is perfect for use in the background for any kind of design as it is visible anywhere. Starbucks, Spotify, etc are perfect examples of brands using green in their custom logos.

6.  Orange Color Meaning in Logo Design

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. Orange color is expected to have a mixture of red and yellow meanings, but it stands out as a symbol of joy and creativity. This color is also linked with autumn and harvest. Orange encourages emotional energies of compassion, passion, warmth, understanding, and happiness. This color is also associated with heartbreaks and disappointments.

Orange is known to stimulate hunger, enhance the sense of activity, increase mental activity, boost the brain’s oxygen supply, etc. It is widely used in restaurant chains to induce hunger. Popular examples of brands with orange logos are Gulf, Fanta, Amazon, etc.

7.  Black Color Meaning in Logo Design

Black is basically the absence of colors. This color is as mysterious as the shadows. But black will not give you absent feelings. Rather, black is a symbol of strength, authority, elegance, and sophistication. Other than this, the black color is also incorporated with evil, death, and aggression. Black is popular for boosting confidence. It sometimes even generates feelings of emptiness.

Black is perfect if you want to give your logo an air of mystery and power. However, you need to be careful while using black as it might get portrayed as something negative. The famous logo designs in black are Apple, Chanel, Adidas, Nike, etc.

8.  Brown Color Meaning in Logo Design

Brown is popularly known to add a sense of trust, unity, and reliability to your logo design. It also makes the viewers relax. Brown has earthy tones which build a relation to nature. The brown color is often seen as solid like earth. This color is associated with resilience, security, safety, and dependability.

Light brown is a friendly, honest, sincere, and genuine color while dark brown is strong. However, dark brown can get sad and depressing sometimes. Brown is used popularly in food logos like M&M’s, Hershey’s, Dreyer’s, etc.

To create a logo that uses all the positive qualities of color, you may require professional help. Designhill has an online logo maker which works on artificial intelligence and creates perfect logos within just a few minutes.

9.  White Color Meaning in Logo Design

White is associated with light. White is a symbol of innocence, purity, beginnings, cleanliness, guidance, and much more. It also represents simplicity and coolness. White colors help in bringing mental clarity, help in cleanliness, and also promoted thought.

White color can be used in a logo to create a simple, clean and minimalistic look. Moreover, simplicity is trending these days in logo design. White can be used to create negative space which creates a more simplistic and visually appealing look. Lots of brands use white color in their logos like FedEx, Target, Facebook, etc.

Colors play an important role in adding life to your logo design. However, the way you use color in the logo defines its success and popularity. Using an online logo maker like Designhill can be quite helpful as it is equipped with the latest tools, and graph. This platform also offers flyer maker, label maker, etc and you can create packaging design, brochure design, label design, and much more.


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