How to avoid food wastage at your wedding

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We all know that most people wish to have a great grand wedding. Whatever it may be, as a guest, sometimes the best part of the wedding is food. People spend thousands of money on the food at the wedding. Food wastage is one of the biggest problems at weddings. A good catering company ensures that your guests are happy and also avoids food wastage.

Guests invited to the wedding are mostly responsible for the wastage of food. They fill their plates with the fear that they will not be served a second time which leads to huge wastage. About 20-40% of the food gets wasted during the wedding.  So choosing a good catering company will help you to save money as well as food.

Catering is the business of providing food service at hotels, restaurants, etc. it consists of a whole team that helps in the preparation, creation, delivery, and presentation of food for clients.

So in this article, we will be discussing some tips to avoid wastage of food at the wedding:

  1. Menu:

It is important to choose the menu wisely. The guests are not here to try new dishes. So it’s important to keep the food items that are usually served at weddings and people are aware of. So that no food is wasted just because people want to try new food items

  1. Choose a caterer wisely:

One of the important factors to avoid wastage of food is to choose the right catering company. A good catering company will give you many ideas for food management.

  1. Measurements:

It’s very much important to measure your guest count beforehand so that only the required amount of food is cooked. Measuring food can save lots of money as well as food.

  1. RSVP:

This norm is usually ignored in countries like India. but this can help you save lots of food from getting wasted. RSVP is a must, please ask your guests to tell beforehand to confirm their presence. Give all the information to the wedding planner so that they can keep an estimated count.

  1. Innovative ways:

Nowadays various props are used in marriages to make people aware of various things. Adding a prop to not waste food can also help to save food. Or using plates with a message to not waste food can also be helpful.

  1. Redirect good to the needy:

We see many needy on the roads who beg for food so in case your food is wasted, giving it to some needy people can be one of the best ways to avoid wastage. Also, some of the catering companies have contacts with NGOs. you can also send the food to NGO. This way you can both save the food and help the needy.

  1. Food to the servants or catering staff:

Giving food as a treat to catering staff can also be one of the methods to save food from getting wasted.

  1. Packing food for guests:

This method can also help you to save food. If you feel like your food will get wasted you can ask your caterer to pack the food items and distribute them to your guests. This will help you to save food from getting wasted and also to keep your guests happy.

  1. Using biodegradable plates:

Instead of using heavy china plates, using biodegradable plates can be beneficial as biodegradable plates have less space as compared to others. This will encourage guests to take only the required amount of food on their plates.

  1. Avoid buffet system:

Buffet system can lead to huge wastage. So eliminating the buffet system from your wedding menu can also be of great help.

  1. Separate menu for children:

Most of the children waste so much food during the wedding so adding a new menu for children of items loved by my children can also be a great option to save food. Adding chocolate cakes, donuts and other food items loved by my children can help to avoid wastage.

It’s high time to stop wasting food at wedding functions. Every wastage prevented can serve to remove the hunger of the needy people. The real value of the food can only be understood by people who beg for food. So every step must be taken to avoid the wastage of food during the wedding functions. The above-given tips will help you to save food from getting wastage during the wedding.



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