How to Astral Project and Experience Astral Projection

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If you’re looking for meditation, lucid dreaming or other holistic healing methods such as astral projection “How to Astral Project”, then astral projection may have been mentioned on your list. Astral projection is a long-standing practice of esotericism that’s found in various cultures across the world However, it’s also employed to aid in self-help as well as a method to enhance one’s spirituality. Understanding how to utilize astral projection to transcending your body can sound complex, and it is! Like everything other skill, this is something that almost everyone can master with perseverance and practice, and it’s a rewarding spiritually once you’ve mastered.

How to Astral Project

What exactly is astral projection? In a nutshell it’s an intentional, out-of-body experience that involves entering the state of dreaming, yet remaining conscious (which can be achieved practicing meditation or the practice of self-hypnosis) as well as “traveling” into other dimensions within time and space using mental power. It’s similar to experiencing a dream however, you’re completely aware, and in charge of your choices.

The idea originates from the idea that we are born with “astral physical bodies” alongside our bodies (which are often described as our energetic, etheric, or even subtle body) as well as the notion that there exists an “astral realm” which extends beyond the physical boundaries of the physical world we reside in. You might already have a sense of your astral body or astral plane when you practice crystal healing, Reiki, or other types of meditation. When an astral projection occurs and connects to their astral body in the hope of transcending their physical body. They can explore their minds through time, space and dimensions.

“Astral traveling is an excellent way to experience new dimensions], even though it’s not the simplest task to master, and it requires plenty in practice” guides to ascension and channeler Laura Brown tells Bustle. Are you ready to let your body for a moment and explore the new and exciting fantasies? Check out the following article.

Getting Started

There’s no universal guideline for learning the art of astral projection since everyone has a different experience, but there are some fundamentals you can learn to begin accessing their astral body and “How to Astral Project” gaining access to an astral realm. Before you get your etheric passport to start your journey through the astral realm There are some techniques that can be helpful to learn to connect with the more etheric components of your mind.

“Beginners might want to start by practicing mindfulness,” Brown says. If you don’t have a meditation routine that you’re able to do you can start by adding the time to have a bit of peace and quiet in your day every day. If you find it difficult to quiet your mind and achieve peace on your own it’s possible to try meditation by using crystals, locating videos for guided meditation that are free or downloading an app for meditation which can get you to a state of mind.

Then, some might consider attempting self-hypnosis. In this way, you could go deeper into a state of trance. “Through self-hypnosis we also can avail the astral universe. Where we can inter-communication to others,” astrologer Lisa Stardust says to Bustle. It’s similar to meditation, however, you are able to go deeper to your astral self. Start to focus on a particular intention or purpose, like traveling through the astral plane.

Finally, lucid dreaming is a great way to get you started on the journey to astral projection. Since it can help you connect with an alternate level of awareness in an deliberate. Controlled manner particularly when you’re already involved in the practice of spiritual dreams.

Connecting to The Astral Plane and Your Astral Self

When you’re able to go into an euphoric. Meditative state it’s time to take steps to become more in touch to your astral self. “[During meditation Try to visualize your astral yourself (a less transparent image of you) moving up and away from the physical body,” Brown says. “Once you’ve achieved that then work on turning around and being aware of the physical form of your body.” It won’t happen overnight however, you can keep working at it. If it’s not something you do naturally Try visualizing your physical body’s etheric energy and aligning it with a conscious effort. Don’t feel discouraged if you need to go through several sessions of meditation to feel connected.

When you are comfortable within your astral body you will be able to begin accessing the astral plane, which is the unlimited mental space not bound by the physical world. “We can link to and align with the astral realm show meditation, Expect dreams through accept breathing, visualization and also by letting go of our mindset,” Stardust says. “When you satisfied a trance like state of mindset through meditation, or lucid dreams (usually through the process of thinking about an event or person) it is possible to travel beyond our bodies, across time and space into a state where we are able to connect with others and look at things through a different perspective.” When you reach this point in combining the astral-body consciousness and intention to your meditative state it is possible to explore astral space and interact with the new energy, thoughts locations, spaces, and places within time.

Begin Astral Travel

When you’ve reached that stage within this practice, it might be the right time to start your journey. “After connecting with an astral entity], be conscious of the fact that you decide to guide yourself to a certain location,” Brown says. It is best to enter the astral realm with a specific location or purpose in your mind. So that you’re not simply wandering around. The goal could be to connect with a spirit guide or explore a particular place in the future or past. Or seek spiritual answers to the questions you’re looking for in the physical realm. Always be aware when you’re astral projection and employ methods of cleansing your energy. Afterwards to make sure you don’t receive any strange negative or unwanted energy.

Once you’ve mastered the art of astral travel. You are confident in your ability to connect with your body astral. Navigate the astral plane it will be easier to be able to access the state with greater ease. “Practice makes perfect!” Brown affirms. “At this moment being an astral traveler who is awe-inspiring. I perform a short meditation that allows me to transmit my awareness into these spaces immediately.” Although those who are new to the practice might not get to their destination or even enter the astral realm as quickly however, the more you do it, the more effective your ability will become. Have a great time (astral) traveling! “How to Astral Project”.

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