How Much Does A Desert Safari Cost For A Private Vehicle?

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Talking about the most attractive spot of Dubai, the desert safari takes your expectations to the next level. Many tourists are planning to visit desert safari with their friends and families. Undoubtedly, this is the most alluring place in Dubai.

It offers unique experiences to people with a great deal of excitement. If you want to rush the level of your adrenaline, add the trip to desert safari to your bucket list. People are now conscious about their traveling after getting information about the deadly virus.

Most often, tourists now like to travel in a private vehicle. But with the tour expenditures, you have to manage your budget. It is necessary to do so because a shortage of budget can make you feel uneasy at the picnic spot. So always plan your trip while keeping an eye on your pocket.

Many tours offer private vehicles to travelers who want to explore the desert. Prices may be different, and we know you may want to choose the most reasonable one that matches your requirements and budget. Here, we have mentioned top desert safari tours with private vehicles costs.

Morning Desert Safari

A private vehicle will pick you from the place of your residence on this tour. You will travel toward the desert in a Land cruiser. Be ready to go to high rises if you have booked the tour of the morning desert safari

It’s the best thing ever for some people to visit the morning desert safari who loves nature. Enjoy the ups and downs of dunes in the desert in your private vehicle. 

Here, you can do the activity of sandboarding or can take a hot air balloon ride. Enjoy on the sand using a sandboard and explore the dunes. You can also take a camel ride in the morning too.

This is the most thrilling activity of this tour that people love to experience. It rushes your adrenaline level. You can take this ride with your loved ones or friends. Even people sometimes visit morning desert safari alone to spend a relaxing time in the early morning at this beautiful place.

Moreover, you can witness the wildlife of the desert from the top. Click pictures of the desert from the top. We are sure that it will be an extraordinary experience for you. You will explore the desert from a different perspective from the top. 

Enjoy dune bashing for the time duration of 40 minutes in the desert’s high dunes. This thrill ride takes you to another level of excitement if you are an adventure seeker. Engage yourself in sand skiing.


Here is the price of a private morning desert safari in Dubai. 

  • Adults who are above the age of nine years have to pay 150 AED per person.
  • For children of three to nine years, the charges are 135 AD.
  • You don’t have to pay any fee for infants.

If you want to hire a private vehicle for your family or friends and you have to visit a morning desert safari, pay 900 AED. These are the charges for booking a private vehicle. Give cash to your driver or pay the charges using pay pal.

Evening Desert Safari

An evening desert safari visit is another level of joy and excitement. In this tour, you will be encountered with the old traditions of Arabians. We assure you that you will make memories for a lifetime in this open-air spot for a lifetime. 

Enjoy the sports and activities that rush your adrenaline level, inducing sandboarding. Take a ride on the camel or get tattoos on your hands or feet by henna painting. Finally, you can go to enjoy yourself in the camp of the desert.

You will like to enjoy Belly and Tanoura dances. Moreover, choose to have a BBQ dinner with your family or friends. Take amazing photographs and click pictures in Arab dress. The costs are the same for a private evening desert safari.

Do not pay any fee for the infants. You have to pay 150 AED for the evening desert safari for the adults who are above the age of nine years. 

For children from the age of three to nine years, you have to pay 130 AED for an evening desert safari. You can also hire a vehicle in a group. For this purpose, you have to pay $810.

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