How Address Verification Can Improve E-commerce Industry

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Address Verification

Address verification aids in preventing mistakenly input addresses and protecting from finance attackers. The client can then choose the appropriate address corresponding to the one they were trying to type. The customer’s address verify is checked against a database of legitimate addresses after being entered.

In 2021, around  2.14 billion people are internet shoppers worldwide.  And it makes sense that in 2023 there will be a huge influx of consumers into the e-commerce sector. The conversion rate for e-commerce is over 2.17 percent. In the next few years it will have amazing features that benefit the e-business sector and customers.

Overview of Online Address Verification in E-Commerce

With a history spanning more than 200 years, physical catalogs are still commonly used today. There is a strong record of newspaper adverts urging readers to mail orders. Comic comics’ final few pages sometimes feature advertisements for mail-order goods. Long before e-commerce, it developed additional online shopping opportunities. Even if it seems evident, mistakes are nonetheless made. When placing an order by mail, clients had considerably less opportunity to get their mistakes repaired. 

However, e-commerce websites can make use of contemporary solutions to help guarantee that users always input a verifying address. This essay will review these tools, their advantages, and the difficulties a firm can encounter without them.

What is an Address Validation Service?

A technology that helps businesses identify dubious credit card transactions and stop fraud is the Address Verification Service (AVS). The billing address given by the client is compared to the verification of address linked to the cardholder’s credit card account by AVS to ensure that they match.

When it comes to e-commerce, invalid  addresses are a major issue. A consumer could enter their address incorrectly for a variety of reasons. Shipments may be subject to correction fees due to wrong shipping addresses, which reduces profits. Customer service problems brought on by inaccurate addresses may result in clientele loss. Additionally, the checkout process in online stores is sped up and made simpler with address verification. Address verification system can improve sales by removing these issues and boosting customers’ confidence in your website.

How Verification of Address Play Crucial Role for E-Business?

Including an address checking tool on a website can increase revenue in addition to problems.

Customers are always looking for online merchants who offer the greatest customer service. It suggests that they choose websites that load quickly, are easy to use, and are error-free. They will notice if you go above and above to improve customers’ convenience.

Address verification benefits customers because of their concerns about making a mistake. After typing their address, they can select the appropriate version from a dropdown menu, which will take the place of what they ordered. It is particularly problematic on mobile devices due to the inability to type on them.

Mobile autocorrect can occasionally produce problems instead of fixing them, thus validate address greatly simplifies the process for a customer to correct an inaccurate address without having to retype it. The precise version merely requires a tap of the finger.

It streamlines the customer experience and expedites the checkout procedure. It is yet another key component of the user experience. Customers frequently give up on lengthy, challenging checkouts or become discouraged from returning to make additional purchases.

Additionally, you’ll see an improvement in general customer happiness, which means you’ll be able to keep more clients over the long run. Since consumers had a good, straightforward purchasing experience on the site the first time, they are far more inclined to do so again. Even if it seems evident, mistakes are nonetheless made. When placing an order by mail, clients had considerably less opportunity to get their mistakes repaired. Still, e-commerce websites can make use of contemporary solutions to help guarantee that users always input a verify address.

Of course, if you don’t have to pay penalties for using inaccurate addresses, business will be more profitable.

How to Overcome the Problems Occurring in Address Verification Procedure

In e-commerce, incorrect addresses are a major issue. There are various reasons why a customer’s address could be mistaken. Address correction fees might be incurred on shipments due to incorrect shipping addresses, which reduces revenue. By resolving these issues and boosting clients’ confidence in making purchases from you, verifying an address on a website can help to improve sales.

Manual data entry techniques are prone to mistakes, both from the merchant’s and the customer’s perspectives. Along with certifying them, the service uses OCR to retrieve data from a user’s document. It minimizes both the time and number of errors for e-commerce businesses.


Undeliverable shipments can negatively impact online store’s revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and repeat business. To guarantee on-time items shipments, address verification can help automatically fix them. They also avoid drawn-out and difficult checkout procedures that can cause potential clients to alter their views. Utilize services to verify address to enhance your commercial procedures. As a result, e-stores will be more successful and have more delighted clients.