Guide to Building Local Landing Pages that Convert

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Local landing pages have been specifically designed to connect with the users in a local market, using all the local SEO strategies. The content that it contains is designed to suit the target audience which usually is located in the business’s area of service. For example, if a business has operations in multiple states or cities, it must have different landing pages targeted for all those different audiences.

The main difference between a homepage and a landing page is that a homepage contains a more general overview of the business. Sales-oriented language, focus on goods and services and more of such general information. While landing pages are more focused on a particular service, product, feature, or location, their main intent is to reach users in your business’s geographical area.

Not many realize that local SEO can help your company reach new heights. Therefore, it must not be ignored. It’s of utmost importance that you must hire local SEO NYC services at the earliest.

How Does It Help?

Apart from bringing in more customers for your business, a strong local landing page strategy greatly improves your SEO. Here’s how:

Better local search authority – the two main kinds of searches, implicit and explicit are both covered by a local landing page and it carries a greater local search authority for both of them. For example, if a user types “pizza places in Chicago ” an explicit, or “pizza places’ ‘ an implicit search, Google tries to find and pinpoint the best local connections. So, when the search engine is creating a local pack, sites with the highest local search authority are chosen.

Unique, Authentic content – When it comes to SEO, content is king. With a local landing page, you have the space to publish content that is locally focused and spots feel more natural and authentic.

More Opportunities for Lead Generation – A local landing page gives you an increased opportunity to link local news sites, blogs, regional guides, and more, compared to a general homepage of your business. Therefore, local landing pages can highly strengthen your backlinks profile and in turn, improve your SEO.

How To Build Local Landing Pages That Convert?

Identify your Customer’s Location

Knowing where your customer base is exactly located is a huge part of creating a successful local landing page strategy. Creating a design is one thing, but managing to reach the right people i.e. your target audience, is a whole other task. Your location activity map will provide you with essential audience insights that will help you determine where your customers are coming and what places are they not coming from currently.

Accessing your location activity is pretty simple in most of the analytics platforms. On google, you can go into Audience > Interests > Geo > Location, to access the analytics. You can go further into getting a state-by-state breakdown.

With this information in your hand, you’re basically equipped with the local keyword framework for your landing page. Let me explain how. For example, you derive that most of your auto repair customers are coming from New Orleans, you can assume that “auto repair new Orleans” can be a suitable keyword.

Use Localized Metadata to create Relevance

In google, algorithm relevance matters more than anything. If you put two links in front of google. One being from a relevant site and the other from a higher authority site but low relevance, it will always choose the relevant one over the other and rank it higher. The metadata and meta tags of a particular site are an excellent space to create relevance.

This can be done by using accurate keywords which accurately describe the purpose of your page and makes it easier for search engines to understand why they should show your site at the top of the user’s search results.

Make Sure that the Pages are Personalised to Serve Local Users

Even though this goes without saying, the local landing page should specifically be designed with the local user in mind. For example, if you’re building a page for exterior design in Dayton, the landing page should be designed with someone from Dayton looking for exterior design services in mind.

Practically, the conditions look something like designing a mobile-friendly page, to accommodate the users searching for you on their mobile phones, which most of them are. Secondly, your landing page should entail very specific information, exactly what the user is looking for. Users, especially on mobile phones, absolutely hate slow-loading web pages. So, make sure to eliminate that from any of your sites.

You can think of these less as advice and more as a requirement to build a successful landing page that actually brings in conversions. Besides this, hiring a reliable local SEO company, such as Mapit Marketing Group. can help you a great dealing in getting local leads.


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