Growth Of Advertising in Pakistan

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The advertising and marketing services in Pakistan are sometimes ridiculed or derided for their lack of creativity and willingness to take risks. However, this wide perspective is slowly but surely vanishing for an advertising agency. Each year brings a new wave of inventive Ideas, with marketers deciding to go above and beyond, especially in an age where consumer trust is important. Many top organizations, however, believe that tried and true approaches, backed up by conservative marketing services, nevertheless rule supreme. While it may be true in certain cases that a brand’s identity should not be significantly altered, continuous alignment mixed with new ideas may always bring a breath of fresh air to a congested market.


The rise and evolution of advertising in Pakistan have been extraordinary. That began with less than $1000 and has grown to several billion dollars in just sixty-four years. The business has gone through several phases of development throughout the years. We can categorize these based on the country’s primary socio-political conditions.

1st Phase

The first period (1947–1964) was distinguished by a small number of advertising firms, when few companies adopted the correct strategies, their reach was confined to mostly metropolitan geographic regions, and their medium was limited to print advertisements until radio emerged as a new potential advertising medium. An advertising agency had to then expand its work to the medium of radio.

2nd Phase

The Second Period (1964–1988) consists of two parts. With the emergence of television channels, conventional advertising strategies underwent a considerable transformation. More advertising companies entered the market as the new visual messaging services seemed to be a more enticing and efficient form of communication.

3rd Phase

Period Three (1978–1988) New advertising beliefs took over the place of previous ones. Because of the color television broadcast and classical jingles, it gained a lot of fame. As a consequence, a slew of new creative firms sprung up and the advertising agency had to evolve with time.

4th Phase

New visual technologies were under consideration during the Fourth Era (1988–1998) to support the restricted time frame notions.

5th Phase

The Fifth Era is the most recent period in history (from 1998 to 2008) During the golden age, modern advertising and visual effects were introduced in the advertising agency. The industry expanded 500 times as a result of increased expertise and personnel, and advertising firms began to get even more business.

6th Phase

The sixth period (2008–2010) is the most recent. Animations, Indian production, and Indian personalities typified the glitzy era and took over the creative agency. Due to a lack of funding, substandard advertising companies emerged, producing low-quality and sub-par ads during the global financial crisis of 2008.

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Social Media and Pakistan

Social media has recently shifted our outlook on the world. Facebook, for example, has risen from 11 million to 34 million active users in Pakistan in only four years. People’s perceptions of social media have also shifted. They don’t use the internet to interact with family and friends anymore; instead, they use it to express themselves about anything. It has also changed our perceptions of the world and the communities in which we live, as well as how customers behave online.

Changing the Face of Social Media

Social media has expanded tenfold in the previous several decades. What started as a basic human relationship has evolved into a digital ecosystem. Advertisers and marketers from all around the globe utilize these platforms to reach new heights. Furthermore, social media has made it feasible to solve unmet needs with only a few clicks. It is, however, simpler to say than to accomplish. Since the year 2019, marketing tactics have seen substantial changes.

New Platforms

Due to increased social media usage, smartphone proliferation, and faster internet connectivity through 3G/4G, Pakistan has entered the virality era. While social media’s strength has allowed regular people to express themselves via apps like TikTok and Instagram, it has also evolved into a powerful tool for advertising. Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, Tiktok, and Google AdWords all play a part in extending the reach of your targeted goods. In conclusion, if employed effectively and sensibly, the advertising business may provide a significant boost to marketing services.

Pakistani Digital Marketing

Algorithms and trends in digital marketing are always evolving. The safest thing a business in Pakistan can do is hire a creative firm like Creative Junction to keep on top of trends. Our team will keep an eye on marketing trends and assist you in capitalizing on them after you’ve joined us. Before you think that every agency does this, remember that not everyone can help you win.

From a perspective viewpoint, it seems that Pakistan’s advertising market is really up for business for those ready to adopt a risky non-traditional approach. Pakistan is exhibiting indications of growth, although still falling behind the rest of the world, as the instances above illustrate. The notion of traditional advertising is reshaped by technology.

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