(Working) YouTube Premium Accounts and Passwords for Free in 2022

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YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium was launched 2 years ago. YouTube Music Premium, formerly YouTube Red, now offers many perks that will enhance your viewing and listening experience. We will continue to offer our subscribers free YouTube Premium accounts in May 2022.

YouTube Premium is only its second anniversary. However, it hasn’t seen a lot of popularity.  People are fed up with YouTube ads. However, you can remove YouTube ads by signing up for YouTube Premium.

You can also enjoy other benefits by signing up for Premium Membership. This service allows you to play YouTube in the background, select only the audio play mode, and view many premium programs.

YouTube Premium Benefits

YouTube Premium

  • You can stream ad-free YouTube videos online.
  • To watch content offline, you can download it.
  • Youtube Premium can be used in the background with other applications.
  • You can stream audio to Youtube by using the audio mode.
  • Youtube has original movies and Tv series.
  • It can be used on 10 devices with one subscription.
  • It costs approximately 12$ for a single user and 17.99$ per month for a family.

Try Youtube Premium Subscription for 30 days free

Signing in to Youtube for the first time will show you a popup offering a 30-day trial of YouTube Premium. After the trial period ends, you will need to purchase the Premium subscription.

Subscribe to YouTube Premium Membership

YouTube Premium

YouTube users are advised to follow these steps in order to pay YouTube Premium membership via UPI

Step 1: Tap on the first profile.

Step 2: Click “Get Premium YouTube”

Step 3: Choose your favorite program.

Step 4: Click on the Premium plan button on YouTube to go to the payment page.

Step 5: Option payments will be made based on credit, debit and UPI.

Step 6: Click on “bank account”

Step 7: Enter your UPI ID

Step 8: YouTube may ask you for certain information such as your address to verify.

Step 9: Click on “Buy”

Flipkart Premium Subscriptions to YouTube

Flipkart Premium Subscriptions to YouTube

YouTube Premium subscribers are available for a 30-day trial. You can easily get this subscription. Flipkart Plus members get 6 months of free subscription. You will need to spend only 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coin. Let us know how we can help you reap the benefits of this service.

You must first visit Flipkart’s site. It is also possible to access it via your mobile app. Log in using your Flipkart Plus ID. You will see the Flipkart Zone option. Once you reach there, you’ll need to visit the Claim Exclusive Reward section.

In the Special Rewards section, you’ll find the reward for YouTube premium. To get a YouTube Premium subscription, you will need to spend 150 Super Coins. You will receive a coupon once you have selected this offer. This voucher can be used to get a premium subscription for six months free. You will need to either purchase Flipkart products on the Flipkart website or from the app in order to collect the coins.

Get a free YouTube Premium account for 2022

We just activated some accounts for you! We hope that you won’t change your password. This password is for you only!

YouTube Premium Account

YouTube Premium account

Participate in our giveaways, and we’ll send YouTube Premium to you by email.

YouTube Premium Username and Passwords (Giveaway)

YouTube Premium Username & Passwords

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

There is a difference between YouTube Red Premium and YouTube Premium

YouTube Red offers a variety of YouTube content, including ad-free videos and offline downloads. YouTube Red costs $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium $11.99 per month. This is a great deal.

Cancel YouTube Premium after the free trial

YouTube Premium account

It’s easy to cancel YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red), if you don’t feel the $11.99 per month subscription fee is worth it. You can cancel your YouTube Premium subscription if you have already signed up for YouTube.com and Android’s YouTube app.

Can I use the YouTube premium for multiple accounts?

You can also share your Premium YouTube subscription with your family, just like with an Amazon Prime or Spotify account. It is possible to add up to five family members, but it will cost you $8 per month more.

YouTube Premium included in YouTube TV?

YouTube Premium account

YouTube Premium is a separate service on YouTube TV. YouTube Premium and YouTube TV members can stream their favorite YouTube videos ad-free on YouTube TV. Advertisements will still be displayed on recorded and live TV programs.

Can I gift a YouTube premium?

There is no one size fits all. YouTube gift codes are available to purchase, rent, or subscribe to YouTube videos, and become a YouTube member. To upgrade to YouTube Premium, recipients will need to use their gift code.


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