Top 5 Food Packaging Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

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There is no doubt that food packaging will have a huge impact and impact on consumers’ minds. They decide why, how and what to buy when it comes to their favorite foods. If the packaging design of the food product is good, it is also functional and in line with the market. When consumers are looking for something different, packaging trends change significantly.

The packaging industry has also undergone a major revolution to meet the needs of consumers. There is a new design and the latest printing technologies, which makes it even more attractive. Here are 5 key food packaging design trends you can’t ignore.

Skin In Nature

Consumers today are asking for environmentally friendly products. There is a great awareness when it comes to protecting the environment and preserving health. Sustainable ideas are combined to create the perfect lunch box. This trend is also spreading to foods that are not organic or natural.

Many designers from renowned packaging companies use nature to illustrate some of their innovative designs. Graphics with landscapes and other natural elements emphasize the true essence and taste of the product. The packaging itself has changed a lot, using environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard and kraft paper instead of plastic.

Food consumers are more attracted to natural labels than artificial design. Ethical food packaging is also a new trend and fair trade products should be labeled accordingly.

Big And Bold Color Scheme

Large, bold color schemes are in high demand for specialty food packaging. The use of bold and solid colors makes the food more attractive. When packaged foods are placed on the shelves of busy retail outlets, good packaging attracts consumers’ attention. Grocery brands can choose a color palette to match their brand theme.

The history of the brand is easier to present and the logo makes the brand more recognizable. All the necessary details about the food product, including the expiry date and the date of manufacture, as well as the price of the food, can be printed on the box. Today packaging design can be innovative and you don’t have to use old rectangular boxes anymore. You can choose to be creative to display your groceries in supermarkets.

Interesting Facts

Most packaged foods such as chips, cookies, ketchup, and similar products have a limited shelf life. They have to be sold new or the customer will never buy them. Food packaging should have the function of preserving the flavor, aroma and novelty of food. This product should also protect it from all harsh elements like sunlight, air and moisture. Be sure to choose strong packaging that will retain flavor and novelty for a long time. Consumers will not buy groceries unless the packaging is portable. If the product is easy to carry, don’t think about buying the product. Delivering quality groceries that they can get right away will also increase your sales. Sometimes QR codes and built-in technology are also used to provide additional information about the food product. Relationships between brands and consumers are also improved.


The popularity of specialized food packaging with minimalism will never fade. You can choose the packaging based on your customers’ tastes, otherwise they will never be associated with your food brand. If you’re selling fast food or other lunchtime fare, be sure to choose an easy-to-use packaging design. This not only strengthens your brand, but also brings your target customers back. Nowadays the lifestyle is so hectic that people don’t have time to deal with the difficult ones.

Transparency In The Material

Customers want to know what they are consuming and are satisfied when there is enough detail on the lunch box. Earning the trust of your target customers is important and this is only possible if your brand is transparent when printing materials. Bespoke food packaging should have a minimal aesthetic design.

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