E-Cigarette Boxes – The Best Gift for Smoking Lovers

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I love birthdays and holidays. The reason is simple, I have always loved gifts. So, ever since I have been a little girl, I have adored gifts. Also, it has nothing to do with me receiving bundles of expensive stuff that I love. Rather, I also love giving gifts to the people I love. The entire concept of thinking and brainstorming, plus shopping, up to packing, I love all the stages.

When it comes to presents, I have also been super versatile. I have touched all the limits with my closest friends. From key chains to E-Cigarette Boxes, to the finest wine a college student can afford, I have given them everything. So, my friends returned my love, and they have also given me the funniest and the most thoughtful of the gifts. From funny toys to the most ridiculous dresses, I have it all.

So, when it comes to the art of gift-giving, all you need to tell me is your relationship with the other person. So, I can suggest a gift so personal, you’d think I know your loved one more than you!

New Beginnings

Let me tell you a little about me, I am a college student in California. I have my roots in New Jersey, and I left that city out of my passion for IT. When I was a kid, I would always make handmade gifts for literally everyone. When I say everyone, I mean even the mailman and the school bus driver, because I did not want anyone to feel left out during the holiday season.

But it resulted in severe bullying from some of my nasty fellows in middle school. If I look back, they were mean for doing that to a genuinely nice girl. But then, if you look at the environment, a middle school girl, bringing a gift for the lunch lady means that she is a nerd.

My Love for Gift Giving

Since I had a couple of friends to support me, and my parents were super helpful, I got successful in handling my disturbance. So, my next step was to move on. I did that by ignoring those bullies to the point they doubted their existence. Plus, the last year of middle school came with a real glow up for me. So, I have also announced a prom queen.

All this sounds like a super cute fairy tale where everything was perfect when middle school ended. My story was also happy, the only difference was that I never gave up on distributing the cutest gifts to the underprivileged individuals. Plus, my boyfriend was also a geeky, bespectacled guy, who was nice and stood by me throughout my bullying journey. Unlike, Disney movies, where the guy who laughs at you the most becomes your boyfriend in the end.

The High School

By the time I made it to high school, most things changed. For starters, I had many options and offer letters. The one I accepted was as per my interest and not what would people think! Also, my nature was the same, so the bullying was around, but my lack of response discouraged many intimidating girls.

So, they backed off easily. They would never beat me up because I make complaints during my initial days so the management gave them a suspension order. All of it was a source of my relaxation in high school.

College and Gifts

College was cool. Because everyone was there with set goals and targets. I was not a geek for wanting to study and have deep conversations. My interest in gift-giving was deeper by this time, but I saw most of my closest friends smoking like crazy.

E-Cigarettes as Gifts

They were the people who shared the best time of the college with me and I worried for their health. I cannot blame them, because college pressure is intense. Plus, the holistic effect of college life is not positive. So, smoking seems like the only thing that helps.

I, myself loved a puff or two occasionally, but regular marijuana and tobacco were not my things. Only one thing caught my eye in my last semester and I was hooked to Vape Boxes. That was when I decided to give all my friends a great farewell gift The E-Cigarette boxes.

Why E-Cigarettes are Better than Regular Cigarettes?

If you look at it from an outsider’s point of view, both E-Cigarettes and regular cigarettes are forms of nicotine intake. However, if you are experienced with the addiction of smoking, you will agree that Vaping is a better option than cigarettes.

It is so, because of the following reasons

  • It does not involve direct tobacco intake.
  • Vaping is less detrimental to health in comparison to conventional smoking.
  • Also, vape products are available in multiple flavors to enjoy whole-heartedly.
  • It is a one-time expense for cigarettes, just a liquid follow-up expense is mandatory.
  • Using an E-Cigarette gives you the freedom to appear cool and casual.
  • Vaping is an experience, not just billowing liquid clouds. So, when we vape, we feel better because of brand loyalty recognition.

Why E-Cigarettes are Superior Gifts?

It sounds pretty weird to give your lovely friends a gift of smoking. I approve of it because I know that my friends love using nicotine already, so it will only help them in decreasing the tobacco input in your body. Vape boxes and E-Cigarette boxes are great gift ideas because:

  • You can choose it for all your friends at once.
  • There is a huge variety available in the market.
  • The E-Cigarette boxes are available with a series of intricate attachments, giving them a kit look.
  • You can even get designer customized gift boxes, designed and customized by OBT Packaging to ensure the safe delivery of the package.
  • E-Cigarette boxes are an uber-chic idea if you want to give a present that resonates with the evolving time and your interest in smoking.
  • Moreover, the Vape boxes often come with add-ons like CBD Boxes and other oils.
  • Since, CBD is also important for the treatment of certain diseases, making vaping a healing tool as well.
  • There is a huge variety available in colors and flavors, making it desirable amongst many.
  • A comparison of E-Cigarettes and other possible gifts makes it unique, unusual, and high-end.
  • It is a reasonable gift and would go a long way if we give proper care and maintenance of the box and the equipment is routine.

Can you Replace your Average Cigarette Carton with E-Cigarette boxes?

It is the main focal point of this blog. I want to gift my friends a lifestyle where, if they smoke, it is not as harmful as it usually is.  Yes, it is possible to do so, if you are young and are a beginner at smoking. E-Cigarettes are a vast territory, which allows vaping, CBD Boxes, marijuana intake, and many other substances which may not be otherwise permissible.

It gives you a sense of belonging and a refreshing feeling with varying flavors. Moreover, gives an exquisite feeling of belonging to people who Vape, because vaping is very popular mainly amongst students and young adults. So, vaping is very likely to take the place of old school cigarettes amongst youngsters, who love to live a fast life.

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