Difference Between Body Wave And Deep Wave Closure

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Among black ladies, virgin human hair is incredibly popular and vital. Isn’t it true that we all enjoy wearing human hair weaves and wigs? But, with so many different varieties of closure wigs, do you understand the variations between each texture? 

The most frequently asked question is about the difference between body wave and deep wave closure! Well, the curl pattern of deep wave and body wave hair is comparable. Read along if you’re still undecided and want to know the difference between body wave and deep wave closure wigs. 

What Is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair



The body wave hair is typically regarded as the least curly among the many types of curl patterns, except for the straight hair. The ‘S’ character is the best method to express this curl pattern. 

Body wave closure is a good choice if you want easy-to-maintain hair that doesn’t require a lot of products. Remember that, aside from straight hair, body waves are the least curly. I recommend obtaining the greatest body wave hair wigs if you to experiment with the texture. 

Features OF Body Wave Hair


The body wave closure hair can keep the twists and maintain the original strand movement for a long time. On-body wave hair, you don’t have to be concerned with textures. When you wear the body wave hair wigs or bundles. You won’t have to worry about using hot tools to restore the texture either! 

That being said, human hair body wave closure wigs and extensions can be dyed, bleached, or sculpted into various hairstyles, including softer or tighter curls.

Advantages Of Body Wave Hair 

It is easy to maintain body wave closure hair and you won’t need to use much styling products to style them. You can also take advantage of the body wave hair’s versatility, manipulate the style, and create different hairstyles you desire. 


If you love going for simple hairstyles but still want to look gorgeous, then body wave closure hair is a great option. Also, the body wave hair will not shed, and you can also color or bleach the hair with any color you want!

What Is Deep Wave Hair? 

Deep wave hair 
Deep wave hair


The deep wave pattern is similar to the body wave but has more defined curl patterns. African American consumers with tight curls love deep wave closure hair, which is a little neater than water wave in terms of curl type. 

Features Of Deep Wave Hair 

The deep wave closure wig has tight and tidy double wefts, which will not shed or tangle. The curls are all in the same direction, and they will look healthy, lustrous, bouncy, rich, and realistic. 

The deep wave closure wig will last longer with full thickness and high quality when properly maintained. You will not have to worry about the split ends, and can be bleached, heat-styled, and permed. 

Advantages Of Deep Wave Hair 

The deep waves are the easiest to achieve and give you a carefree feeling. This can be a great option if you don’t enjoy over-styling your hair. You only need to wash your deep wave closure wig once every 15 years and you can spritz water to revitalize the texture in-between washes.

Remember, a deep wave closure wig fall between wavy and curly hair provides stunning volume and requires little maintenance while remaining bouncy and attractive.



With millions of different curly hair textures in store for you, choosing the right one that you desire is quite a challenge. However, with the differences mentioned above about body wave and deep wave closure, choose the one you like the most and never fail to slay your looks. 

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