Desert Safari Dubai the Most Popular Tours

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The Most Popular Tours

Safari in the evening on the desert floor

Here in Desert Safari Dubai, you can go sand-boarding and quad-biking, red-sand dune bashing, and take sunset photos on this tour. You also eat a BBQ with Tanura, Belly dance, or Fire Show with your meal.

The morning desert safari is the best.

This early morning safari has beautiful sunrise views, photo opportunities, camel rides, sand dunes, and quad bikes. Having a good breakfast at the campsite is something you can’t do without.

Use these Long Distance Binoculars to enjoy the sunset view in desert safari.

A private desert safari for a group of friends

It’s a great option for small groups, couples, and families who want to have a lot of luxury and privacy while still having fun. The Private Desert Safari includes a Classic Arabian welcome and a real Bedouin cultural experience.

Overnight in the desert.

As part of an Overnight Desert Safari, you can spend the night in the Dubai desert and enjoy a stargazing BBQ dinner. A great way to get away from city life!

The VIP Desert Safari is a trip to the desert.

Are you looking for VIP treatment so that you can make unique memories while on a desert safari? You can get VIP seats to have the best seats for dinner and live performances of Belly Dance, Tanura, or Fire Show.

The Hatta Mountain Safari trip

The Hatta Mountain Safari provides an opportunity to see the stunning beauty of the Hatta Sheikhdom’s Heritage Village from the luxury of a 4WD vehicle. Fun and adventure await you on this half-day trip.

The Camel Safari

Ride a camel across the desert-like the nomadic Bedouins did. Take a break to look at the desert flora and fauna, and take the best desert pictures to remember your trip.

An adventure in a hot air balloon

Float through the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon and enjoy the views from above. You see endless red sand dunes, plants, and animals mixed with emerald-green oases.

Importance of Desert Safari in Dubai

It is the only area in Dubai where you can experience powder-soft desert sand with your bare feet and hands, drink up the sun, and play in the sand like a Bedouin.

Dreamy sunrises, sunsets, and real Arabic food make your Dubai vacations the best. On your “bucket list,” you should add the Dubai Desert Safari to it. The bumpy camel ride and the stargazing in the desert sand are two things that should be there.

What to wear on a desert safari?

Our comprehensive guide on what to dress and what to bring for your desert safari:

  • Linen and cotton in light colors that are breathable and loose will let less heat in.
  • When it’s hot outside, long-sleeved tops and pants will keep you from getting burned. It’s also more comfortable to be on a camel or a quad bike when sitting down.
  • You should not wear skirts if you plan to do any adventurous things, like go on a hike.
  • Pack a jacket for when the evening and night are cold. A shawl is also a good way to stay warm and protect yourself from the sun and dust during the day.
  • Put on sunglasses and sunscreen, and don’t forget to put on your hat!
  • Sandals are the greatest choice for footwear since they remain on and are simple to clean of sand.

Other tips for your first desert safari in Dubai

When you’re almost ready to go on your first desert safari in Dubai, we can help you. Before that, we give you a few last tips for making the most of your trip into the deserts of Dubai.

  • The most effective strategy to remain hydrated is to consume plenty of water. Bring plenty of cash if you need to purchase more water.
  • Make sure you don’t bring or wear valuables. You might lose them in the sand.
  • Dune bashing can be rough at times, but it can also be fun. Before the experience, don’t eat or drink too much, and don’t do it if you’re pregnant or have a serious medical condition.

The best Dubai desert safari tour should fit your budget, travel style, and interests. It would help if you had to do some research to find the best tour. However, the most important thing is to let go, let go, and let the Arabian desert’s grandeur take you.



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