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David Caruso

We’re sure you’ve heard of the world-renowned TV star, David Caruso. With fair skin and blonde hair, David Caruso is one of the most popular actors of crime-related shows from the 90s. David’s most well-known show CSI Miami was filmed over 10 years.

In his long-running performing career as an actor, the star been able to move from film to TV and then from the big screen to a smaller one. After a poor film reputation and poor choices, David Caruso is back to television with a net worth believed to be $40 million. Because of The CSI Miami series he becomes an iconic TV character as Horacio Caine.

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Early Life

David Caruso is born, on January 7 1956. He was born in the city of Queens, Forest Hills, New York. He was the son of Charles Caruso, a magazine and daily newspaper proofreader while his mother Joan was librarian. At first, David attended an Catholic High School and later to the Archbishop of Molloy in 1968. Briarwood. He graduated in 1974.

David Caruso has had three marriages. Margaret Buckley was his wife from May 4th, 1997 until January 17th, 2007. In 1984, David has been married to Rachel Ticotin and divorced after three years together. Through this marriage, he had one daughter named Greta. She is an Yale student. The third wife is Cheri Maugans. They were married between March 30, 1979, until February 21stof 1984.

In the course of his friendship with ex-girlfriend Liza Marquez, he has two children: Marquez Anthony as well as Paloma Raque.

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David Caruso

When he graduated from school, he began to look into business , but wasn’t as successful. After six years, he was featured in films Without Warning (1980) and The Getting Wasted (1980). The 1980s were a film decade of Caruso since he made a number of films in the 1980s, including Gentleman and An Officer (1982), China Girl (1987).

He also played a part on his role in the TV program Crime Story (1986). “King of New York (1990), in which he played a police officer who went bad, as well as Mad Dog and Glory (1993) was his biggest success during the 1900s.

David Caruso

In the episode where he appeared as the detective John Kelly in the popular series NYPD Blue (1993) the actor was greeted with fame and affection from the public. The other films where were he playing detectives in the 1900s include Kiss of Death (1995) as well as Jade (1995). For these two films He was nominated for”The “Razzie” award for the “Most exceedingly awful New Star”.

After two years , in 1997 In 1997, he was featured in the film Cold Around the Heart. In which he played the role of a jewel theft thief. In this movie his female co-star is Kelly Lynch.

Final Words

David Caruso

For the movie Proof of Life (2000) He played the role of a secondary character. While the principal part was played by Russell Crowe. The following year, he shot Session 9 (2001) and in 2002 David played as a character in his first Canadian movie Black Point.