Common Types Of Needle Driver Instruments For Veterinary Surgical Procedures

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Surgical Needle Drivers:

Needle driver instruments are also known as needle holders or needle forceps. This tool is similar to a hemostat. It holds a suturing needle for wound closure during surgical operations.

surgical needle Drivers

The main parts of needle holders are shank shanks, jaws, joints, and a ratchet mechanism that helps lock the needle handles. The locking mechanism cooperates to clamp the needle stably between jaws. In addition, the jaws of the needle are textured to keep a solid grip on the needle.

Uniqueness Of Surgical Needle Drivers:

Left Handed Surgical Instruments:

Every surgical center required a basic set of left-handed instruments for left-handed surgeons. The ratchet mechanism of these instruments is on the right shank, and the left shank overlaps with the right, making it easy to handle and vision. Therefore, left-handed instruments should always be available in every operative center for ease of use and to aid accuracy.

Colour Coated Instruments:

You can also get these solidly built instruments in different color coatings. Every instrument is designed for a particular cause. These instruments are very similar in appearance and size, so it is challenging for a surgeon to differentiate between similar-looking needle drivers. This is the spot where color coating helps. So, these thumb ring instruments are coated with different colors for the ease of surgeons.

uniqueness of surgical needle drivers


Multiple Variations:

Veterinary surgeons require some variations in surgical instruments to accommodate various surgical tasks. So, these instruments are also available with different variations based on the needs of veterinarians.

Tungsten Carbide Insert:

Tungsten carbide is a metal-like, dense material with high strength and high conductivity. It contains an equal percentage of carbon and tungsten atoms. The needle drivers are also made in combination with tungsten carbide.

This high-strength substance makes the instrument more durable and sturdier. In addition, TC inserts in the blades and jaws of the scissor make the instrument non-slippery and provide great control.

Scissors Combination:

These instruments come up in a combination of scissors that can cut through fine sutures easily. So, it also eliminates the need for separate scissors during surgical operations.

Types Of Needle Drivers:

Mayo Hegar Needle Holder:

This instrument is used for various surgical procedures. It is a routinely used instrument both in animal and human procedures. Because of its broad jaws, it is generally used with heavier and larger suture needles. In addition, this instrument has textured jaws for a strong grip and an eccentric clamp mechanism that helps lock the needle.

Mathieu Needle Holder:

This is a single string instrument with a plier handle and a ratchet mechanism at the bottom. This tool is more suitable for complex surgeries where the operator must change the grip frequently, which is mostly required in long sutures.

Debakey Needle Holder:

This is commonly used in deep abdominal surgical procedures because of its length. It contains finger ring handles with a unique self-locking mechanism.

Derf Needle Holder:

This instrument is utilized in different ophthalmology and plastic surgery procedures. It is ideal for small suture needles because of its short jaws with intricate serrations. Also, to control the pressure of the jaws, it has a ratchet mechanism that helps keep the needle in the right place.

Castroviejo Needle Holder:

This instrument differentiates from other needle drivers by the mechanism of their handles, which permits the jaws to be activated without effort. In addition, it offers accuracy and flexibility because of its springs. Therefore, it is commonly used in microsurgeries.

Tungsten Carbide Needle Holder:

This instrument is utilized for accuracy and to provide great control. The brittle material used in this tool makes it stronger and more durable. In addition, surgeons can easily identify them because of their two gold jaws. 


Vet and tech offer versatile veterinary needle drivers based on your demands and needs. Our high-quality manufactured instruments come up with rare characteristics, including color-coated instruments, which have proven helpful in distinguishing similar-looking instruments.

Also, these needle holders are available in multiple variations depending upon the functions a surgeon needs to perform during surgery. In addition, Vet and Tech offer needle drivers with built-in scissors for surgeons removing the necessity of separate scissors during surgical procedures. 



What is the uniqueness of your instruments?

Vet and tech offer color-coated and left-handed instruments with multiple variations manufactured with great quality materials, including tungsten carbide and German stainless steel.

How is a tungsten carbide insert instrument recognized?

Instruments with gold-plated handles contain tungsten carbide inserts on the working surface.

Can similar-looking instruments be different?

Yes, there are some variations in some instruments. For example, they probably look the same by appearance, but the dimensions of the instruments could be different.

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