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Chiquis Rivera

Today’s mantra is Chiquis Rivera. A talent with prominent and beautiful features, Chiquis Rivera. It is pure joy when a person recognizes their talent and expresses it. This is a goal that many entertainers have reached. Showbiz skills are always beneficial to others, whether they are singing, dancing, acting, or both.

Many people want to be part of this industry so their talents can be recognized and heard. Some people are lucky, while others struggle or find a new career.

Chiquis Rivera is the person we will be discussing today. He is a part of the spotlight.

We’ll be looking at her profile, including her Chiquis Rivera family and age, as well as bits from her professional career.

Chiquis Rivera is a Singer

The earnings of Chiquis Rivera as a singer make up a large portion of her net worth. This includes album sales, royalties from music streaming and concert ticket sales. Chiquis’ music career began in 2014, when she released her first single Paloma blanca. This was her tribute to her mother, who died in a plane accident in 2012. In 2014, she also made her international television debut with an appearance of Esa No Soy Yo.

Chiquis released her first album, Ahora, in June 2015. The singer explained to Miami Herald that she named the album Ahora “because it’s about living and appreciating the present”. It has a little of everything. Chiquis released Entre Botellas, her second studio album. The album was released in spring 2018 and features songs co-created by Lorenzo Mendez (Juan Rivera) and her mother, Jenni Rivera.

Vas a Volver and Horas Extras are among the tracks on the album. She also recorded Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar with her mother. Chiquis’ recent albums include 2022’s Abeja Reina, and 2020’s PLAYLISTS. The latter won Best Banda Album at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards.

Chiquis won the Latin Grammy Awards Female Artist of The Year in 2015 at Premios de La Radio and 2017 at Lo Nuestro Awards. Chiquis’ music style, like her mother’s, is banda. This Mexican traditional music is popular in Mexico as well as other parts of the U.S.A with large Mexican populations. The state of Sinaloa is where banda music was born. It consists primarily of instruments like clarinets, trumpets, and tuba.

Chiquis Rivera, TV personality

Chiquis Rivera’s net worth includes also the money she earned from appearances on various reality TV shows. Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq–C was her first TV appearance. It aired on Universo in 2010. Chiquis also starred on her mother’s spinoff reality series I Love Jenni in which Chiquis and her siblings were featured until the third season of 2013 on Universo. Chiquis also starred on her own reality TV series, Chiquis ‘n control, which aired six episodes on Universo from 2012 to 2012.

Summary of Chiquis Rivera’s Profile

Who is Chiquis Rivera?

Chiquis Rivera is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and actress. She rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with her successful pop music career. She has released six studio albums, three compilation albums and one extended play. Rivera has also starred in several movies and television shows. Her net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be around $25 million. In this article, we will explore all you need to know about Chiquis Rivera including her career, Interesting Facts, Net Worth and much more!

What is her real name?

Janney Marin Rivera is her real name.

Where was she born?

She was born in LA (California), USA.

What is the Age of Chiquis Rivera

Her date of birth is 26th June 1985. This puts Chiquis Rivera at 37 according to calculations until February 2022.

What are some other names Chiquis Rivera is famous for?

Wikipedia gives Chiquis Rivera alternative names to her real name. Such as Janine, La Necia.

What is the Mother’s Name?

Jenni Rivera is her mother, an American singer and songwriter. She died in Mexico on the 9th December 2012.

Jenni, also known by Dolores Janney Jenni Rivera Saavedra was born in Long Beach on the 2nd July 1969. Her husbands were Esteban Loaiza and Juan Lopez. She has 5 children.

According to some reports, Chiquis Rivera had a difficult relationship with her mother. Circuitously, the daughter recalled that her mother had blocked her from using social media and her will. A huge disagreement erupted between the couple weeks before Jenni died.

Her mother also died in an unfortunate plane crash.

Who is Chiquis Rivera’s Dad?

Jose Trinidad Marin is her father. He also has two other children. Jose married Jenni, her first husband, in 1984. However, they divorced in 1992.

Chiquis Rivera was born on February 15, 1964. He still holds an American citizenship. He stands at 5’9″ tall. According to Jose has a net worth of between 600,000 and 800,000 US Dollars.

Jose Trinidad is accused in harassing his children and his sister-in law. This led to him being taken to the dungeon. In 2007, he was sentenced to 31-years imprisonment.

The rumor that he had a bad relationship with his coworkers started in his office. After being interrogated, rumors that he had assaulted his coworkers were confirmed. Further investigation revealed that he also mistreated his wife.

What is her race or ethnicity?

She is of Hispanic descent or race.

What nationalities does she have?

She is an American citizen.

Are There Any Siblings for her?

Jackie Campos has three brothers and a sister, Michael Marin, Johnny Lopez, Jenicka Lopez, and they have four children. Juan has Johnny and Jenicka, while Jose has Jackie and Michael.

She was awarded two Lo Nuestro Awards in 2016 and 2017. One was Regional Mexican Female Artist of The Year, while the other was Female Artist Of The Year.

She won Premios de La Radio Female Artist of The Year in 2014 and 2015. She was also nominated in 2014 for the Tu Mundo Awards in Fan Club of the year.

How much is Chiquis Rivera worth?

Chiquis Rivera

Multiple websites estimate that Chiquis Rivera’s net worth as of August 2022 is $5 million. Here’s a look at how she has amassed such an impressive amount of wealth since her debut in showbiz in 2010.

Chiquis Rivera, an entrepreneur

Chiquis Rivera’s net worth is also increased by her earnings from Be Flawless. Be Flawless, a luxurious line of skincare and cosmetic products, was co-founded in 2016 by Chiquis Rivera and Judi Castro.

Chiquis Rivera is an author

Chiquis also makes a lot of money from her memoir, Forgiveness. Forgiveness, which was published in April 2015, reveals the abuse Chiquis, her father, suffered during her childhood, and the difficulties she has faced in her life.

These pages also tell the story of what caused Jenni to distance herself from her mother towards the end. Chiquis’ Forgiveness reveals truths she wishes she could have revealed to Jenni.

Chiquis Rivera sexual abuse case

Rosie Rivera, Chiquis aunt, came forward in 1997 to admit to Jenni Rivera to having been abused by Jose Trinidad Marin. A physical examination revealed that Jose had done the same thing with Chiquis’ younger sister Jacquelin.

Jose was first charged with molestation in 1997. He was a fugitive for nine years before being finally captured in April 2006. Jose was convicted of sexual assault as well as rape. Jose was convicted of 9 of the 9 charges in May 2007 and sentenced to over 80 years without parole.

What are Chiquis Rivera’s Body Measurements

These are the details about Chiquis Rivera’s height and weight.

Parameters Measurements/Features

  • Height: 5′ 5.5″ or 1.66m
  • Weight: 58 kg, 128 lbs
  • Shoe Size 8 US
  • Dress Size 8 US
  • Waist Size 26 Inches or 66 Inches
  • Blonde Hair Color
  • Eye Color Green

Are Chiquis Rivera’s Social Media Profiles Authentic?

Yes, Chiquis Rivera is active on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find her music on YouTube or Deezer. This music streaming app has millions of tracks and audios from all over the world.

The Chiquis Rivera Instagram page is decorated with her striking photos. This is her fashion and makeup. On social media, she has also displayed skin care products. She has also displayed a Mystique superhero costume.

Clips of her work are often posted to different platforms. She has also shared her affection for her mother through photos and meaningful captions. If you’re curious about her friends and colleagues, her social presence is well worth the look.

Interesting facts about Chiquis Rivera

Rumours circulating on the internet claim that she is actually pregnant.

She is religious and has given details about her religious practices. Young Chiquis Rivera went to her grandmother’s Church. It was beautiful and full of stones. She loved sitting in the sanctuary with her elders, rather than the children’s church.

She was subject to abuses in her youth that led to many complications later.

At 33, she began to freeze her eggs. She doesn’t consider herself ready to be a mother. Her explicit reason is that she gave her time to her younger brother, whom her mother raised as her own child. Her mother was only 15 when her brother was born.

Becky G and Chiquis Rivera are long-standing friends.

Paloma Blanca is the song that Paloma Blanca was dedicated to her mother.

Her mother was in Highschool when she was born.

At the time of her death, Jenni was 43 years old. Jenni was returning from a concert when she died. Learjet 25 was flying to Toluca. The flight also left at 3:20 p.m. local time. The ruin was found in Nuevo Leon, near Iturbide.

Ex-husband of Chiquis Rivera proposed to her on a white horses with a big diamond ring.

Her current boyfriend and she were first seen together on LaLengua’s Instagram.

Chiquis’s mother kicked her out of her house for once because she went out with friends, without her knowing.

Chiquis Rivera explained the meaning of her album Ahora formerly. It was about enjoying the moment and appreciating it. She explained that she has a lot of different music and her life is full of it.