Cartoon Your Images with Today’s 6 Cartoonizer Apps (Online & Mobile)

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What is Avatar?

Avatar is a concept with Hinduism that means in the Sanskrit language “descent”. But in this article context, an avatar is a character that can be created by using some avatar creator apps. There are hundreds of avatar maker apps available on the Google Play Store and the app store for android and iOS devices.

Avatars are generally cartoonish-looking characters that are frequently being used by the people on their social media profiles, especially. Due to this trend, Facebook also introduced their own avatar creator feature so that users can create their own avatar and use it as the profile picture to follow the trend. Below we have listed some best avatar maker apps or cartoon avatar maker apps that you may use to create your own avatar easily. So let’s begin.

3 Websites to Create Cartoon Avatars Online:

  1. Imagetocartoon

Cartoon avatars are very popular nowadays, especially on social networking websites. Imagetocartoon is such an online cartoon avatar creator that can be used for free. It offer 15 cartoon filters and effects for each single image uploaded. Colorful backgrounds and funny decos are also widely-used among young people. Using this cartoonizer app, you don’t need any sort of photoshop skills. The most uniqueness of imagetocartoon is that it can recognize character’s gender automatically. That means you can always get the unique and personalized cartoon avatars easily.


  • Convert a face photo to 15 cartoon styles.
  • Support different body poses and background scenes.
  • Automatic matching of dress and background according to gender.
  • Free to use: no need to pay for photo-to-cartoon service.
  • No limitations for output quality. It offers standard and HD quality for your choice.


  • You can add something to the photos manually. All image-to-cartoon process is done automatically.
  1. KusoCartoon

KusoCartoon lets you cartoonize photos online for free. A set of tools is available on this website to help users create photo avatars, collages, and cartoons. This website offers three cartoon effects for photos. The previews are displayed on the screen. The user can select a particular effect and upload the photo. After uploading the photo, the selected cartoon effect is applied to it and the final product is displayed. A link is provided where users can download the final photograph for free.


  • Transform a photo into a cartoon
  • with a maximum upload size of 5MB
  • and a maximum output size of 500x500px
  • Video to Cartoon


  • Cartoon filters are limited
  • The layout is not friendly to users.
  1. Imglarger AI Cartoonizer

Imglarger AI Cartoonizer allows you to turn photographs into cartoons using powerful AI. If you don’t like exactly how the image turns out the first time, you can use other tools on the site until you have the image you want.

Best of all, the cartoonize app only takes a few seconds, and unless you want some premium features, it is free. It works best with faces – you can instantly cartoon your face, your friend’s faces, or anyone else with the click of a button. The tool is also easy to use – just drag an image onto a webpage to turn it into a cartoon.


  • AI-powered software. Deal with image fast and automatically.
  • Free to use: users don’t need to pay for cartoon image creation.
  • Multiple photo enhancing tools for your to modify the cartoon avatar’s quality.


  • It offers too few cartoon effects though the quality of the generated image is really good.

3 Apps to Create Cartoon Avatars on Mobile Devices

  1. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

Different effects easy to use with full control. Save your creations and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. That is the key feature of Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon. The 20+ special effects are available: black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketch, cartoon, stamp, halftone, hatching… The edit tool is also helpful while you are converting photo to cartoon effects.


  • You can save the cartooned photo to Photo Album directly
  • It offers different video effects, including cartoon


  • Some users reported they couldn’t import photos from Camera Roll
  1. Avatoon

Avaton is another app enjoying high ratings on Play Store, allowing you to personalize a portrait from the original photograph. You can easily customize the style you love by matching different hair, eyes, clothes, pose, color schemes, and facial appearances with the help of its almighty photo editing functions. Even everything can be customized to ensure your avatar looks just like you. Meanwhile, you can also join the game challenge to see how your friends make their caricature avatars.


  • Both iOS and Android users can use this cartoon avatar maker.
  • Interesting stickers and emojis can be applied to your photos.


  • Avatoon doesn’t offer online photo-to-cartoon service. You can’t use it online.
  1. My Cartoon

While My Cartoon is an iOS exclusive app, it achieves great results for Apple users by transforming photos into great cartoon renditions of themselves. You can make several cartoon versions of the same pictures, keep them in the app’s gallery, and even caption them for great comedic effect. There are multiple cartoon styles with normal, classic, doodle, vibrant, and even old paper cartoon effects.


  • Gallery that contains all your cartoons
  • Optimized for iPhone, iPad, and new iPhone 5/iPod touch 4″ screen
  • Photos can be taken directly from Camera ( LIVE CAM )or Photo Album


  • Sometimes there will be a bug when you upload a picture to the app.
  • You may can’t get timely support from the app’s developer team.

Why Create a Cartoon Avatar for Yourself?

No doubt that a person makes a big impression if he cartoonize himself. It sounds daunting and potentially expensive when it comes to drawing a cartoon portrait or make the photos cartoon style.

In this article, we have recommended 6 apps to cartoonize your images with zero skills. AI photo to cartoon tools, such as imagetocartoon, can save time and money by transforming images to cartoons in seconds via its auto-process. Some tools are available on mobile devices, and can be convenient to cartoon your image anywhere and anytime. Make a good use of them and you are sure to get the most attractive avatars.

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