Can losing weight cure diabetes?

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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic ailment that is now ubiquitous among the whole human population. When either your pancreas cannot produce much of the required amount of insulin or your body stops responding to the insulin produced. 

That is how it has two types, viz. type one diabetes and type two diabetes. The most common is Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. When your pancreas cannot make enough insulin, or your body cannot use insulin as it should normally do, you have type 2 diabetes.

We need to know that there is no Cure for Type Two Diabetes. It is a chronic ailment. However, one can reverse it a bit without totally curing it. For example, one study says that type two diabetes mellitus patients improved their blood sugar control when they lost as little as two per cent of their body weight.

The most pertinent logic about weight loss and diabetes control is that when you lose weight, your pancreas can better keep up with the body’s natural need for insulin.

Losing weight also helps you in different aspects. It also helps to keep your heart diseases at bay. 

After losing five per cent of your total weight, be persistent to see even more miraculous results. For a healthy life, you need to aim to drop 10 to 15 % of your entire body weight. Losing this amount of body fat will be noticeable. 

You may lose some cms of your waist or just have an overall better feeling. The visible changes in your body will motivate you to do even more exercise and show dramatic changes in your body later on.

More weight reduction, more diabetes abatement

The researchers tracked down that the more weight lost, the more prominent the probability of diabetes reduction:

Among the individuals who put on weight: 0% accomplished reduction of diabetes

• For the individuals who lost 0 to 11 pounds: 7% accomplished reduction

• For the individuals who lost 11 to 22 pounds: 34% accomplished reduction

• For the individuals who lost 22 to 33 pounds: 57% accomplished reduction

• For the individuals who lost more than 33 pounds: 86% accomplished reduction

You need to control your blood sugar levels while you are losing weight for diabetes control. Blood sugar levels should not go too up or too down during the whole process.

Cutting 500 calories a day is said to be the optimal amount for diabetes patients. However, too rigorous exercise is also not prescribed to diabetes patients.

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