Can cardboard boxes be recycled?

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The process involves changing old materials into something new and preventing them from going to the landfill for a longer period, but the main question is can cardboard boxes be recycled?

Both Paper and Cardboard are valuable recyclable materials. This helps to extend the product’s lifespan and also positively impacts the environment. ….

Recycling Cardboard

The most commonly used Cardboard you’ll see is corrugated boards made out of cardboard waste, along with the Cardboard used in packaging for food and drinks, which is actually good idea for using recycling boxes as different types of cardboard items can be made from it. These include Snack boxes, cereal boxes containers, pizza boxes and boxes from online deliveries. The majority of packaging is recyclable by waste management. However, consumers must always inquire with authority in their area.


  • It is not possible to recycle damaged Cardboard that has paint, food, or dirt even mixed with water.
  • You must remove any materials such as packaging tapes, inserts of polystyrene, or the void fill in cardboard packaging to be recycled.
  • Make sure to check your online shopping carts for staples and stitching. These may need to be removed before recycling.
  • All glittery greeting cards cannot be reused.
  • You can compost your home with Cardboard, which means it doesn’t need to be thrown in the curbside recycling.

Recycling Paper

Similar to Cardboard, it is possible to reuse paper; however, it must be clean before entering the recycling process. Paper products that are safe to recycle are as follow:

  • Newspapers
  • Brochures and magazines
  • Brown and white papers (like the computer papers or packaging)
  • Shredded paper
  • Envelopes

An excellent tip is to scrunch a piece of paper. Then, if it doesn’t come back, it could be reused.


  • There is no way to reuse soiled paper the same way as Cardboard. Paper that has been contaminated with grease, such as the wrappers you use to take your food away.
  • The glossy gift wrap shouldn’t go in the recycling bin.
  • There is no way to recycle cotton wool, makeup pads, wipes, and sanitary products.

What happens to Cardboard and paper reused?

Cardboard boxes

If Cardboard and paper are collected to be recycled and sent to a recycling facility to sort. The materials are separated into different grades and then sorted to be processed.

After that, the material is cleaned to remove inks, adhesives, and any other substances that can contaminate the paper. After being washed, your recyclable becomes a slurry blended with different meanings to create a new newspaper, cardboard reels, or maybe even office papers.

Reducing the amount of waste your customers can recycle

Cardboard boxes

If you utilize any kind of cardboard or paper packaging for your business, It is crucial to inform people how they can recycle the materials. In the present, many people don’t know what materials are recyclable. Making sure your packaging is clearly labeled so that consumers understand what recyclable items are, is a huge help and contributes to your ethical business policies.

Cardboard packaging for food

Cardboard boxes

Many people think that cardboard packaging for food items such as sandwich boxes and takeaway containers is recyclable and free. However, that’s not the case in all cases. Chapelton aids food producers in finding the best, non-plastic takeaway food packaging options, and in this blog, we discuss some of the most important issues.

You’ve probably noticed that single-use plastics are a hot topic in the media. Pressure is being placed on everyone, from the service and supermarket chains to takeaway and fast-food restaurants, to cut down on plastic waste and stop selling single-use plastics. Food packaging used for takeaway is the most frequent target of government officials, activists, and the general public since it is, by definition, a product that can be recycled.

Of course, everyone with the supply chain is aware that food packaging for takeaway serves an even more important job than the average consumer believes. Sandwich boxes or salad trays, and other wraps have to be used to pack food items from the manufacturing line to the point that a consumer gets the thing to keep it intact and fresh all the way through.

Hot food takeaway containers and another packaging for fast food need to warm food and stop water from getting out when a delivery driver or customer takes it from the shop to home.

Plastic has always played a crucial role in the food-to-go industry, helping drive expansion by keeping costs down and extending fresh products’ shelf-life.

Can I recycled cardboard at Home Depot?

Recycled boxes

Home Depot also brings the lifecycle of their Cardboard in a full circle by turning the waste of Cardboard into moving boxes. It is estimated that Home Depot recycled 230,000 tons of Cardboard alone in 2017 and has recycled more than 1 million tons of Cardboard to date. If reuse is not feasible, The Home Depot looks to the most environmentally responsible recycling process.

5 reasons to choose Cardboard as the ideal packaging material

reasons to choose Cardboard boxes

1. Versatility

Cardboard can be repurposed to fit a variety of products with different dimensions and shapes. Utilizing cutting-edge designs, cardboard packaging can be used for multiple purposes or make forms that you never imagined possible.

In certain instances, companies have designed their cardboard packaging to provide further use following the packaging. This helps extend the life of the product and demonstrates the brand’s desire to reduce waste. For instance, clothing brands can use cardboard packaging that can be turned into hangers for clothes and benefit consumers from their packaging.

With its flexibility, it is possible to package a variety of items using similar materials. For instance, Wabs Print & Packaging offers on-demand box manufacturing technologies, Box on Demand, so you can find the perfect packaging for your product and reduce waste.

2. Perfect branding

Although plain Cardboard can be an efficient shape for packaging in its own right, Cardboard is easily transformed by the use of colour, body, and branding. In addition, it is simple to print or embossed to create truly personal packaging.

With the help of logos and colours, Cardboard is quickly transformed from boring packaging to colorful and thrilling protection that helps your brand spot. Take the cardboard material as a blank piece of paper that you can alter by adding your own words and images to let your products fly from the shelf.

3. Recyclable

Another significant benefit of using cardboard packaging is that it can be recycled. For consumers, this has many advantages since it’s easily recyclable and doesn’t require special treatment to dispose of it. The majority of councils pick up Cardboard as part of their recycling collection programs. In addition, there are a variety of recycling facilities across the UK.

Additionally, Cardboard is made from recycled materials too. At Wabs Print & Packaging, our boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their life.

4. Reduce transportation costs (and reduce carbon emissions)

Since Cardboard is light, this means that packaging doesn’t make a significant contribution to the overall weight of the item. The more lightweight packaging makes it easier to transport the product and cost-effective since you can save fuel by reducing weight. In addition to saving energy, the cost of transportation will be reduced significantly. Not only will you benefit from savings in fees, but you also reduce the carbon footprint by using less fuel.

When it comes to transport, Cardboard is extremely tough, which makes it the most suitable packaging material for businesses. In addition, it can prevent moisture from infiltrating into the product. This is essential for items that must endure long periods of transportation as well as protect foodstuffs.

5. Cost-effective

In comparison to other packaging materials, Cardboard boxes are feasible option for companies regardless of size. Cardboard is thought to be the most affordable when compared to other more costly packaging solutions like plastic. When evaluating solutions like corrugated Cardboard, they are very cheap because they use less material than standard Cardboard but provide sturdy protection and light.

When you order large quantities of Cardboard typically, you will cut down on the cost of packaging. In addition, cardboard packaging generally is delivered flat-pack so you can buy it in bulk and still have space to store it so that it’s there whenever you require it; however, it doesn’t consume a lot of space.

Choose Cardboard boxes as your packaging solution as your products packing boxes.

custom boxes

If you’re looking for the right product for your packaging requirements, talk to Wabs Print & Packaging’s experts. Wabs Print & Packaging. Wabs Print & Packaging has a wide range of cardboard packaging options that are both recyclable and adaptable. From basic boxes to custom packaging solutions, custom product packaging suppliers solution that will meet your requirements. Additionally, Wabs Print & Packaging work with all types of businesses, providing affordable solutions for both big and small businesses.

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