Brigitte Bardot Son Now – Everything you need to know About Brigitte Bardot’s son 2022

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Brigitte Bardot's son

What happened to Brigitte Bardot’s son? She called him a “Cancerous Tumor’ and refused to breastfeed!

What happened to Brigitte Bardot’s son?

When the 25-year-old model, Brigitte Bardot, found that she was pregnant, she immediately sought out the right doctor to carry out an abortion. However, in France the procedure was prohibited, and no one would have dared to perform such a procedure. The actor Jacques Charrier was the father of the child. So he convinced the actress to end the termination and get married to him.

The final weeks of pregnancy turned out to be a difficult time for Brigitte Bardot. Photographers surrounded the home in which she resided, looking to create an unforgettable photo of the actress who was pregnant. Brigitte had stopped going out altogether. She even made the decision to have her baby in her home because she was afraid to go in the hospital. The baby was born on the 11th of January the 11th of January, 1960. The baby boy was given the name Nicolas.

“I stared at my thin, flat belly in the mirror like an old friend on which I had just begun to put the lid on the lid of my coffin,” Bardot wrote in her autobiography. In her autobiography she wrote about calling her son’s birth as an “cancerous tumor” which she attempted to remove by repeatedly hitting her stomach.

“I yelled as they were ripping him from me. I would never want ever to be able to meet him.” she recalled the way she felt following having given birth.

Brigitte Bardot's son

Brigitte did not want to breastfeed her baby due to the “inhumane job of the nurse” she was left with. She also told an interviewer she would prefer to birth a tiny dog.

The media gathered around her house. Everyone wanted to see a picture of a pregnant mother and an infant baby. The first photoshoot took place on the date of birth. A long-time family friend has captured photos that then were published in the various tabloids.

The husband of the couple, Jacques Charrier, had believed that Brigitte had a maternal instinct however, the actress only expressed her affection for her son when she took photos. Brigitte was afraid that she would lose her appeal to the males in her community and that people would view her as an unreliable “mom.” She was afraid that her kid knew she was suspicious, and she would cry whenever she held her in her arms.

In the next few days, Brigitte went off with actress Sami Frey. When she discovered that she’d abandoned her husband, she demanded a divorce and the right to rear his son on his own. In the court, the mother was unable to care for the infant: Brigitte thought that someone was required to care for her, so she wouldn’t have to manage the baby.

At times, the actress attempted to make her relationship more palatable with her son, but to the point of no success.

When Nicolas was 12years old, He visited his mother’s home in order to be with her for few days. But Bardot took him back to his father explaining that she was unable to look after him as she had a party the evening before. After that, Nicolas did not want to visit his mother for many years.

After the boy had fully mature, Brigitte tried to repair the relationship, but her son was reluctant to hear about it.

Nicolas took economics classes in the University of Paris. He was fascinated by music, that’s why he began to learn on the piano as well as compose music. At age 22 Nicolas was modeling. In one show, she met model Anne-Line Bjerkan, who is the daughter of diplomat. The couple married in 1984. Brigitte Bardot wasn’t invited to the wedding which caused her to be upset a lot.

Soon they were married and relocated to Oslo to have their first child after couple of months. Brigitte was still a problem within Nicolas’s family, and so she was not even able to meet his granddaughter. The year 1990 was the time that Nicolas had a daughter of his own. The following year, Brigitte comes to Norway with the intention of establishing an intimate relationship with her son, but they just make an agreement to keep their distance.

Brigitte Bardot's son

However, in 1997, following the publication of Brigitte’s memoirs there was a fresh family scandal in which a former husband and son filed a lawsuit against Brigitte for divulging family secrets and insulting their feelings. The judge ordered the actress to pay an amount of 250 million dollars.

Nicolas has been away from modeling, but has been involved in programming for a long time. He’s been a grandparent himself. When asked by reporters about the reason he’s not on good relations with his mother, Nicolas responded, “She loves her fur coats and I love my entire family.”

The book by the actress has been translated in 18 languages and was awarded the two awards for literature. Her ex-husband, in while, wrote his own memoir about his marriage to an actress who was famous, titled “My Response to Brigitte Bardot.”

“By offering my view of the truth I’m doing her a huge favor. In a sense I can help to rehabilitate her. The truth of her affection for Nicolas and the proof of this is in the letters I wrote and kept, is better than the savageries that she was writing”, Jacques Charrier stated at the time.


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