Best Fuel Credit Cards in India

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Is constantly changing fuel prices troubling you? Don’t worry, we have a smart solution for smarter you- Fuel Credit Cards. Fuel Credit Cards not only help you save money on fuel but also, give you additional benefits and rewards. But, with so many companies offering fuel credit card, choosing the best which suits you, becomes a tedious task. To make it an easy pie for you, we bring to you all the information that you require to choose the best fuel credit card for you in India. So, let’s start:

What is a fuel credit card?

Fuel credit card is a type of credit card offered by banks and financial institutions and individual oil companies which is specially categorized to help its users in providing them with maximum benefit while they spend on fuel with attractive offers like cashback, reward points, dining offers, annual fees waiver, etc.

How to apply for a fuel credit card?

Any person fulfilling the eligibility criteria of minimum age, income bracket, and having a good credit score as prescribed by the bank or financial institution they wish to apply in, can simply apply for a fuel credit card by either using the credit card app or by visiting the bank or financial institution and filling the form along with submitting necessary documents.

3 Qualities to look for while choosing the best Fuel Credit Card:

  1.     Annual Fees: As the fuel credit cards come under the category of special-purpose feature credit cards, their annual fees are generally high. Before choosing the best fuel credit card for self, one must make sure that the benefits he or she is getting are more than the fees they are paying. Some fuel credit cards also waive off the annual fees, if a minimum amount is spent on the card annually.
  2.     Location: Before choosing a card for yourself, you must ensure that the card is usable at all petrol pumps and fuel stations, to ensure that you get maximum benefits as a user.
  3.     Points and Rewards: Each card comes with different rewards and points, before choosing the best credit card for yourself you must ensure, the rewards and points that you get could be redeemed for activities that come under your lifestyle, to ensure the maximum benefit.

 3 Best Options from Top Fuel Credit Cards (In India):

  1.     Bank of Baroda Prime Credit Card: This credit card charges neither joining fee nor annual fee and also comes with an offer of getting a fuel surcharge waiver of 1% at the refilling stations with a maximum of INR 250 per month.
  2.     ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa/Mastercard Credit Card: The annual fees and joining fees of this fuel credit card is as low as Rs 199 only. It also comes with an offer of 2.5 % cashback at HPCL stations and a surcharge discount of 1%.
  3.     BPCL SBI Card: BPCL SBI Credit Card has an annual fee and joining fees of Rs 499 only. It comes with one of the best and most attractive offers for its users, i.e., getting 4.25& value back, equivalent to 13X reward points on fuel purchases.

We hope after reading this article choosing the best fuel credit card for yourself has become as easy as a pie for you. It’s the right time for you to switch to a smart solution – fuel credit cards for a smarter you, and make your day-to-day expenditure on fuel rewarding and money-saving. Wishing you a happy and safe journey as a future fuel credit card owner ahead. All the best!


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