Best Computer Monitoring Software: Your Ticket to Employee Management Round the Clock

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According to an estimate, an amount of $50 billion was stolen by employees in U.S. businesses in 2015.

  • 75% of the employees have stolen once from their employer and 37.5 % have stolen twice.

Employee theft has become so common in the business industry, that almost every other business owner is the victim of unfaithful employees. This problem has become so serious that its solution has become necessary. The OgyMogy spy app has brought happy pills to ease the pain of business owners and big stakeholders. It is a super spy app that keeps a hidden eye over all the activities of your employee and informs you whenever you want. None of the employees can run from its giant eyes. Yes, this software gives you real-time updates of your employee working on their computers. The main features are discussed one by one in detail below.

  1. Get a Record Of All The Visited Websites

Office reputation can get disturbed due to some slackers at the workplace who are more interested in other activities than work. They may enjoy their work hours by sitting on computers and searching for websites that are not even work-related. To catch them red-handed and to get their timely reports you just need to install this amazing spy software that will keep you updated all the time.

  1. Record the Surrounds of Computers/Desktops

You can now record all the voices, sounds in the background of that targeted device. This means you can listen to the surroundings of the computer. This excellent software provides the best services to keep an eye on your unfaithful employee. If they are harassing any other employee, you can catch them immediately. If they are using foul language or teasing the office staff, you can get them too. In all the situations where you think strict measures have to be taken, you can take them without any doubt. This app will also give you proof if someone is backbiting about you or plotting against your company.

  1. Have The Screenshots Of Your Employee’s Computer

Capture every activity with the help of this fabulous spy app known as OgyMogy. Take screenshots and have proof of your employee’s performance. This will also help you to analyze your staff work efficiently and in decision making during promotion and another bonus is given monthly or annually. If your employee is doing chit-chat with their friends or family members or other employees in the office. Maintain the productivity record of every employee by using the best employee computer monitoring software the OgyMogy. It offers real-time access as well as screen recordings in the form of short videos and screenshots. In case of harassment, you can also get to them with proof.

  1. Do Live Screen Recordings

Not all the employees are the same but some of them leave their actual work and indulge in extra activities that are not at all related to work. As it’s a matter of your company’s reputation so you have to be extra vigilant about it. This app gives you the live screen recordings of the targeted device whether a laptop or a desktop. You can see live what they are doing on their screens simply by sitting in your office. This way you can check there all the activities and keep a strict eye on their every move.

  1. Capturing Keystrokes

You can track the type of characters typed on the targeted device of an employee by using the keystroke logging feature offered by the best employee computer monitoring software the OgyMogy. Protect your confidential documentation or track any spy employee who tries to sell important stuff to a rival company. To save your business from such hidden enemies and to keep your company’s standard high it is the best app to use. It will secretly do its work and help you in many ways. You can even keep an eye on the sent and received emails of the employees along with attachment details with the help of this app.

Though there are other apps too that provide information about monitoring your employee, OgyMogy is the most reasonable one with a lot of features and with so many amazing monthly and seasonal packages. You can check on their website and purchase them.

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