Most Accurate Aztec Horoscope 2022 – Answer to Aztec Astrology

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Aztec Horoscope

Aztec Horoscope

The Cayman Days:

January 4 16 and February. 2 14 26; March 22, 22, April 3 15, 27, May 9 21, June 2 14 26, July 8 20, July 1, 13 25, September 6 18, 30, December 12, 24; November. 5 17 29, and December 11 23.

The House Days The House Days are:

5 January 29 3rd February 27, March 11 23; April 4 16, 28; May 10 22, June 3 15, 27, July 9and 21, August 2 14 7 19; 1 October 25, 13; November. 6 18, 30, December 12 24, 24.

It’s the Flower Days:

January 6 18, 30; February. 4 16, 28, March 12, 24, April 5 17 29, May 11 23, June 4 16, 28; June 10, 22; August 3 15, 27, September 8 20; 2 October 14 26, November 7 19; 1 December 13 and 25.

There are the Snake Days:

January 7 19, 31; February 5 17 29, March 1-13 25, April 6 18, 30 May 12 24, June 5 17 and 29 The 11th of July, 23rd and August. 4 16, 28, September 9and 21, October 6 15; 27; November 8 20, December 2 14 and 26.

There are Deer Days:

January 8 20; January 1 6 18, March 2 14 26; April 7 19; May 1-13 25, June 6 18, 30; June 12, 24, August. 5 17 29, September 10 22, October 4 16, 28, November 9 21, December 3 15 and 27.

Aztec Horoscope

There are the Jaguar Days:

January 9 21; February 7 19; March 3 15, 27, April 8 20, 20; May 2 14 26, June 7 19, 19; and July 1 13 25, August 6 18, 30; September 11 23, October 5 17 29, November 10 22, 6 December 16, 28.

There are the Cane Days:

January 10 22, February 8 20, March 4 16, 28; April 9-21, May 3 15, 27, June 8 20; 2 July 14, 26, Aug 7 19 31, December 12, 24, October 6, 18, 30 November 11 23; December 5 17 29, 29.

The Rabbit Days:

January 11 23, February 9 21, March 5 17 The Rabbit Days: April 10-22, May 4 16, 28, July 9, 21, July 3 15, 27, Aug 8 20; October 1, 13 25, October 7 18 31, November 12 24, December 6 18 and 30.

Monkey Days:

Monkey Days: January 1 13, 25 and February 11 23, March 7 19, 31 March 12, 24, May 6, 18, 30 June 11 23, 27; July 5 17, 29, September 10, 22, September 3 15, 27, September 3, 15, 21, November. 2 14 26, December 8 20.

The Flint Days:

January 2 14 and 26 and February 12 24, March 8 20; April 1 13 25, May 7 19 31, June 12 24, July 6, 18, 30 Aug 11 23, September 4 16, 28, 10 October 22 November. 3 15th, 27th and December 9 21.

There are the Dog Days:

January 3 15, 27, February 13 25, March 9and 21, April 2 14 26, May 8 20; the first day of June, 13 25, July 7 31, 19; August 12 24; September 5 17 29, November 11, 23, November. 4 16, 28; December 10 22.

The Cayman

The Cayman

Cayman is an emblem of wellbeing and happiness. He represents the beginning and the final point of all. Caymans are self-reliant , and friendly to other people. They are also highly productive and accountable, and these qualities lead to the success they have achieved. They’re loyal to their acquaintances and don’t miss a single detail.

They are also able of observation and are extremely analytic. Caymans who are in the Aztec Horoscope are romantic and will never give up on another individual unless they are in love. They provide their partner with the best aspects of themselves. Caymans always seek an ongoing and stable relationship. They are romantic and are ready for bedtime flings that satisfy their partners. They’re generally healthy and need to be allowed the space to indulge their passions. Caymans are tuned to the daytime routines of the house, flint jaguar and monkey.

The House


The house is the symbol of motherhood, and that’s why they are considered to be materialists. They want to be at in their home and enjoy the most wonderful time in there. They are worried about the emotional and financial wellbeing of their family members and feel they are obligated to provide for their safety and protection. The people who live who live in House are secure in their mind and are unique. Their emotions are intense and they’re extroverted. they do not hold on to whether they are feeling positive or negative.

They are passionate about their love and will don’t look back when you have disappointed them. Houses can also be unstable and unpredictable. They tend to be moody and seek solitude in their home. They want to feel the affection of the people who surround them.

A love without a significant amount of romance is useless for them. Their personality changes dramatically when faced with a challenge that needs the solution. The house is in agreement with snake or reed, rabbit Eagle, and many other houses.

The Flower


The flower represents the game of sport, consequently, those who belong to this sign do not hesitate to take decisions that may potentially alter the life of the person they are. They are kind, artistically inclined, and a lover of both pleasure and vice. They get bored of doing mundane and boring tasks since there’s nothing that can motivate them.

Flowers have a keen intuition which can assist them in avoiding numerous problems and irritations when they pay attention to it. They’re very insular and have a difficult time expressing emotions or admit having an issue. They appear to be suffering, even though their hearts are filled with tenderness and love. They require love and attention.


They are romantically original and imaginative that always anticipate unexpected surprises from their partners; Otherwise, they’ll end up frustrated and dissatisfied. They need to learn to control their behavior and organize their lives better. The flowers are accompanied by the members of the and rabbit, as well as the dog monkey, jaguar and deer signs.

The Snake


The snake is a symbol for fertility. They are believers in planning for the long term as the most important factor in future happiness. Snakes are skilled at jobs that generate lots of money. It’s not easy to take them down.

They are men of courage who fight with courage and never quit because they do not enter an arena where they can’t beat. Snakes are drawn by the mysteries of the occult. They are in close contact with their parents and with acquaintances.

They want to be at the forefront since they love being loved by other people. Snakes can be seductive when desire to be, particularly when they’re trying to find something they are strongly interested in. They are romantically uncertain because they don’t have a clear idea of what they are looking for. Snakes are a good match for dogs, eagles, snakes and jaguars.

The Deer


Deer are energetic, quick-thinking people who are full of enthusiasm and joy. They are friendly, conversational and adore peace. They are a lot of fun to have acquaintances and can be found in all kinds of organizations. However, this is just superficial since they are extremely hard to trust. They’re efficient when they work.

Their ambition helps them in their pursuit of successful business and to achieve the highest personal goals. They enjoy being close to nature. Deer are not the most romantic of lovers, which is why they do not do their best and they are not able to enjoy the love affair until the very end. If they fall in love, they’re not sure if their love is reciprocated.

Because of this that they are afraid of, many relationships end in failure. They are extremely sensitive and therefore vulnerable to injury. Deer are a good companion for monkeys, jaguars, dogs flowers, rabbits, and jaguars.

The Jaguar


Jaguar symbolizes the power for the sun, a healthy health, a healthy heart perseverance, success and joy. The people who belong to this sign are drawn by the power and glamour. They are not afraid to make mistakes or let others make mistakes or ruin things. They are excellent organizers and excellent leaders who are never frightened of their success.

They are brave and affectionate when people praise their courage. Jaguars are extremely sexual and extremely romantic when it comes to relationships. They are open, honest and even jealous of a partner. They must always know that they are in control. Jaguars are excessively demanding of themselves as well as those around them. They are a match for crocodiles, cane, rabbit and deer.

The Cane


Cane is the symbol of tranquility and wisdom. These are intelligent and cheerful people. They are always searching for art, spirituality and joy. They are optimistic and don’t care too much about the material world, but their happiness goes over the material world. They are extremely self-sufficient and proud of it. Canes are proficient with words and money is not difficult to obtain. They’re better friends than lovers, but they are renowned for their appeal and humanity.

Canes are awestruck by surprises, and they are awed by family and friends. They aren’t a fan of boring, which is the reason they’re always curious about things. They’re unpredictable when it comes to love, and they rarely give up to their body or soul. They want freedom and are able to make their own choices. The cane is a great match with jaguars and flints. houses, and flowers.

The Rabbit


The sign of the moon is linked to moonlight, which is why the rabbits are unable to discover what their financial issues are. They are hardworking individuals who can smell money. They are attracted by luxury goods which they are able to spend their money on. However, they also realize that they’re saving “for an eventual unplanned rainy afternoon”.

They’re not the best bosses, but they can be fantastic advisers and colleagues. Rabbits are businessmen who have succeeded and proficient diplomats. They are kind, friendly and helpful, whereas other animals are not treated as such. They are full of enthusiasm and constantly plan in the near future.

Rabbits are not faithful in the love they share. They are known to change their homes and partners several times in their lives. They are tolerant and have a romantic relationship with their partner with whom they pay attention. Over time, however they are bored and begin to alter. They are more attentive to their feelings than to their intimate part. Rabbits are relentless perfectionists that are striving to accomplish their goals. Rabbits get along with humans born under the form of a deer snake, jaguar and dog.

The Eagle


The eagle is closely linked to the sun. which provides courage, joy and beauty. Eagles enjoy the power and influence they have. They’re great bosses that are willing to take risks, but they know how to win winning result. They are enthusiastic and impulsive, and let their passions to control their thinking. They are in high spirits and energy and can’t be slowed down for even a second. Eagle is a good steward of his companions and anyone who betrays them can be devastating for him.

It takes an extended time to heal from the loss of destiny. When it is about romance, he’s a bit anxious with his thoughts and emotions fierce. The eagle’s stability depends on their relationship. The eagle is confident and perhaps a bit greedy, and it needs to learn to be kinder to others in the world. The eagle is able to get along with those born under the form of a dog, snake and an eagle.

The Monkey


They are cheerful and optimistic people who radiate positive energy and are able to earn another’s trust. The monkey is innovative and imaginative. His enthralling imagination is looking for the path of fantasy realization, but if he doesn’t it becomes exhausted and becomes angry. He’s a wonderful companion but he is selfish in the love of his life.

He is not responsive to requests from his partner due to his dislike of waiving. However the monkey is connected to its companions. He is always looking for something new and exciting to share. He believes it’s essential for a relationship to communicate and feel the trust and respect of his spouse. They aren’t sure what to do in order to cut costs. For those born in this sign, enjoy a great relationship with deer, crocodiles rabbits and other monkeys.

The Flint


Flint is an emblem of ambition, sacrifice as well as creativity and courage. People born with flints possess the strength of character and determination. They have high expectations and take on risky ventures that other people aren’t willing to undertake. They’re not able to refuse acquaintances, even when they are against their beliefs.

Flints are great friends who are committed. They are gentle and caring towards everyone they meet. They are always scared of change and any thing that could put their lives at risk. To feel more comfortable it is necessary to be open to their innermost feelings at times. They do best with people who were born with deer, crocodiles, monkeys, and rabbits.

The Dog


A dog can be a representation for loyalty and goodness. They are highly intelligent people who can listen and are willing to offer their very best to those around them. Also, They are constantly studying and thinking and are perfectionists. They don’t want their personal lives to suffer, they must have an unhurried, peaceful job. The are extremely cautious.

They don’t want to be involved in the unplanned. When they are in love, they may be cold-blooded, but not tie because they are afraid of getting wounded. They’re extremely selective when it comes to choosing their partner. They are not interested in relationships that are short-term. Instead, they seek to meet the “prince beautiful.” They collaborate well with people born as eagles, rabbits, Flints, and deer.