Ayurvedic remedies for Diabetes

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As you know that diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder which results in the increased glucose levels in blood due to the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin in an optimal amount. In Ayurveda, we use the Sanskrit term Prameha for diabetes. Ayurveda allied with other yogic therapies can actually help us tackle diabetes and keep it in check. Below, let us explore what Ayurveda prescribes for Prameha or diabetes.

The natural food items mentioned below help to reduce blood sugar up to a safe level:

  1. Bitter Gourd: Ayurveda prescribes the regular consumption of bitter gourds for lowering blood sugar level. Bitter gourd has a property to act like insulin which pushes the glucose in your blood into your cells for energy. It has plenty of Polypeptide-P which also helps reduce sugar level. These can either be taken as boiled or fried dishes or can be taken as juice in the morning. These should not be taken on everyday basis because studies show that overconsumption troubles kidneys a bit. 
  2. Indian Gooseberry: Indian Gooseberry has tremendous amount of vitamin-C and helps the proper functioning of the pancreas. Take it as juice in an empty stomach early morning or use mix its powder in water and intake it. You can drink this with a rhythm with bitter gourd juice. Suppose today you had bitter gourd juice, tomorrow you should have Indian Gooseberry juice. It is preferable to sun-dry many gooseberries when it is the season so that you can consume it the whole year.
  3. Holy Basil(Ocimum sanctum): It is well-known by its Indian name, Tulsi. It is also called Tulsi basil. It has hypoglycaemic properties and can reduce blood sugar levels. You can either take raw leaves directly or prepare tulsi tea and consume. Tulsi is found in almost every Indian home, so there should be no difficulty in procuring it.
  4. Cinnamon powder: Cinnamon powder is a wonder food for diabetes as studies show. It is being used by thousands of diabetic people around the world for Diabetes Cure. Only because of its better Anti-Diabetic properties, Ceylon cinnamon is used in comparison of other varieties in the market. It is not only Anti-Diabetic, but also it has the capacity to Prevent Diabetes related complications. Not to mention about numerous other health benefits. You can mix little Cinnamon powder to your food, especially the liquids you consume. Take care to buy Ceylon cinnamon instead of Cassia.
  5. Curry leaves: Curry leaves are rich in fibre which slow down the digestion and does not allow metabolise in a fast rate resulting in your blood sugar level remaining normal. It also stimulates the pancreas for insulin and therefore regulating insulin production level. Take 10-15 raw curry leaves and consume them in an empty stomach each day regularly. You can also prepare curry leaf tea and drink.

So these are 5 top food items recommended by Ayurveda for keeping your diabetes in check. You should also practice Yoga and drink plenty of water along with the intake of these superfoods for diabetes regulation.   Apart from that you can try Liwo’s chini mukti capsules and chini mukti tea to keep in control your sugar level. These products are ayurvedic with the blend of 10 Natural Herbs processed in Giloy, Triphala, Tambul,
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