Are blogs still relevant in 2022?

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Blogging is a pretty old tradition, it has been around since the dawn of the modern web. There are literally millions of blogs out there working on dedicated niches and providing content to people around the globe. Some of them are earning handsome money as all the hard work they did for so many years is now finally paying off while many of the new ones still seem to be struggling.

People still want to develop their blogs even in 2022

But it hasn’t broken the spirit of the people to try out blogging, every writer out there who can slap a few words and ideas of their own over a blank page has thought about developing their own blog. You might have thought too, right? So, the big question is, should you be blogging in 2022? Is it worth it or should you just leave the mantle to the pioneers and try your luck in some other domain for earning money from the internet? Let’s find out;

People are akin to reading

It might not go for everyone that you might know but there are information hoarders out there who would want to read anything and everything they can get their hands on. This provides you with a really nice motivation to start your own blog.

Remember it is all about voicing your inner self, what you think about something specific, what the content should be around it and how you choose to interact with the audience. You want to connect with people, provide them with something that they might be interested in reading. Choose your niche wisely as there are many of these, current world affairs, travel, food, fashion, movie, TV reviews, technology, just take your pick. Some blogs combine these niches in one place, like The Doe narratives. Through this site, readers can gain insight into the lives of individuals around the world.

Social media can help your blog grow

It goes without saying that new blogs suffer a few months or even years of their operation but eventually they will be able to catch their break. You want to remain consistent with putting out blog posts even if you are not getting a sound reply from the audience.

Continue to put something out so they know that the author is trying to communicate with them. Take your blog to social media, advertise it, build contacts that will want to check your content out and in no time you would have built a solid audience for your blog.

Vlogs are fine but they lack the wordy touch

Sure, presently vlogs and video content are more popular among people as these are easier to digest. One can surely sit through an hour or so of video content while it might be harder to reach just a five-minute long text. But you must know that these vlogs and YouTube videos lack the wordy touch that so many people are after.

Seeing a video about something and then reading about it are two different things. People interested in deep research and those who want to procure every bit of information as they can about something would prefer a blog anytime over a vlog or some other video content type.

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