All You Need To Know About Fleet Management System

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Utilizing advanced technology, business growth has taken place significantly; the latest and modern industrial robots software make the entire hassle of production work easy and accessible. Out of these inventions, the Fleet management tool has impacted production operation significantly and helps the fleet manager pursue real-time visibility into the operation via accurate reporting and predictive analytics.

The FMS is the contemporary technology, which primarily manages the end to end robot fleet that allows the operator to perform the entire mobile robotics system by accessing different types of devices. With this advanced technology, there is no barrier to managing the robotics system that helps the entire operation run smoothly. Some significant features make the FMS system crucial for every industry, and those are-


Acquiring Fleet Management System for your business, you will be equipped with certain beneficial features such as –

Fleet Monitoring: By means of the fleet monitoring feature, analyzing the robot’s location, battery level, status, mission status has become easy. Now, you can know the real-time robots location, power level, mission status (if it’s in progress or completed) and other relative statuses with the fleet monitoring feature.

Assignment Tasks: The modern and intelligent software can also allocate the task to every robot according to the quantity of order. Assigning tasks to robots is now no longer a headache for the operator with FMS technology.

Charge Tracking: Fleet management tool isn’t only equipped with allotting tasks or monitoring features, but you can also keep track of the charging status of a robot. The system allows you to monitor the record and real-time status; thus, you are able to know the robot’s status of charging.

Alert for Collision: It is another vital feature of FMS. With the intelligent sensor and modern technology, the risk of collision becomes minimal or ‘Zero.’ The system sends alerts or notifications to mobile robots; thus, they will not collide.

Significance of fleet management tool in business:

The Fleet Management System has brought a revolution in fleet operation and the overall production system. Specific major significance the tool has in the business, and those are-

  • With acquiring this contemporary tool, route planning will be seamless. The software plans the optimal pathway for each robot. Route planning is one of the critical factors in fleet operation, as, without route planning, there might be a greater chance of inefficiency and subsequently lower through-puts. However, this intelligent technology plans the best possible route for each robot so that the work runs seamlessly.
  • Now you can also avail yourself of the real-time tracking benefits. The system can track the robot’s location as well as help in further planning since you receive the real-time data of the robot’s location and stay up to date.
  • Additionally, if you want to configure the software according to your requirement, you have access to do it. You can configure it and enable certain notifications such as email alerts to keep tracking efficiently.
  • Moreover, the system is equipped with advanced analytics features, which help you achieve information about usage and robot productivity. With this analytics feature, you can get to know how efficiently robots are placed for the work as well as the usage data.

The Bottomline:

Fleet management tools and Sortation Systems play a significant role in production operation. With the Fleet management software, you will be aware of the real-time operation with comprehensive data and tracking features, whereas sortation tools help in order fulfilment processes. Additionally, taking the help of automation software, there are fewer chances or no chances of error. Since you can acquire the facility and make the production operation more efficient.

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