How to Access an Old Hotmail Account

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The year 1995 was the first time Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia started a free online mail service called Hotmail (the capital letters H T, M and L are a nod of HTML). The service was launched in December of 1997. Microsoft purchased the Hotmail company. Its success with Hotmail was growing to 100 million users in 2001. Additionally, (Hotmail) and other Microsoft products are free when you have an account with a Microsoft account.

However, one issue that users are concerned about is whether they are able to use their former Hotmail login to access their account. But, don’t fret by following this guide you’ll be able to log into your the previous version of Hotmail as well as sign up. So, let’s start with the old Hotmail sign in the guide.

Why Does the Hotmail Account Get Locked?

It is possible that your Hotmail account is already removed if it’s 10 years old. A account that is inactive will be deleted if it is idle for five or more years.

In accordance with Microsoft guidelines according to Microsoft terms, according to Microsoft terms, your Hotmail account could be removed in the event that you haven’t used it or signed in for at least five years. In the event of damage, Hotmail accounts might not be able to be restored. If you believe you could get it back, you should follow the steps below.

How To Know If My Old Hotmail Account is Active?

Old Hotmail Account

It shouldn’t be a problem to find out if your previous Hotmail account is still active or not. It’s because Outlook is a brand new version of Hotmail. So, logging into the Outlook accounts is your only method to find out whether you allowed your old Hotmail login or not. But, to verify this,

  • First, go to Outlook’s official website using the desktop of your browser.
  • After that, you can sign in with the old Hotmail account ID and password.

That’s it. If your account is active and active, you’ll be able to login to your previous Hotmail account and log in. However, depending on how long your account has been inactive for and you’ll need to sign up for another account since it might be shut down.

Old Hotmail Sign In | Find Account

We’ve already discussed the steps to open an previous Hotmail account and log into it, but the primary question is, how do you locate that older Hotmail account? Don’t worry! We’ll assist you in accomplish this. So, let’s take another look at:

  • First, visit the Recovery page of your account.
  • A form will pop up on your screen. You can fill in the Hotmail address, telephone number or name and email address in the form.
  • Then, go through the captcha verification procedure and then press on the following button.
  • It will then send you a verification number to your email address that you registered. Then, you need to fill it in and click the verify button.
  • Then, you have to answer a few questions and click the next button.
  • In the final step, fill in all the other details required on the form before hitting on the following button.

That’s it. Now, if the data or information you’ve filled in the form are sufficient then you’ll get your previous Hotmail account. If not, then forget it if you’ve ever set up an account with Hotmail.

From Author’s Desk – Old Hotmail Sign In

In the event that you successfully restored an older Hotmail account and you are able to log in. In this situation, we suggest to make sure you use your account frequently in case you decide to not make use of the account regularly for a period of time the account will be automatically blocked and deleted out of Outlook. Outlook servers. Therefore, ensure that you utilize it on a regular basis.

Final Words

That’s how to get back the older Hotmail account and log in. We hope you will find this guide useful. However, if you’re looking for more details about this guide, please leave a comment below and inform us.