8 Places You Won’t Believe You Can Visit on the Island

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Browse some of the most amazing islands in the world and get a glimpse of what makes them so unique and popular. These are the 25th island of greece you won’t believe you can visit on the island of greece, ranked by their popularity with travelers and locals alike, so you know they’re sure to be worth your time and money!

#1. The Aegean Islands

The craggy Cycladic Islands (Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos) of Greece are well-known for their blinding white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. Delve into some history at Delos, an ancient island dedicated to Apollo where you can visit his sanctuary or climb to his sacred area.

#2. Crete, Greece’s Largest Island

Crete is Greece’s largest island, and one of its most popular tourist destinations. The 25th largest island in Europe, Crete boasts sandy beaches, an abundance of flora and fauna (including many species which are endemic to Crete), a wide variety of climate zones, including high mountains that rise up to 8,650 feet above sea level and lowlands with lush green valleys.

#3. Fromros Beach in Kos, Greece

With its turquoise waters and beautiful sandy beaches, it’s hard to believe that Fromros Beach isn’t a top-tier travel destination. But because of its geographic location, it is relatively unknown. Located on a small peninsula south of Kos Town and southeast of Psalidi, Fromros Beach is one of two beaches in Kos to make our list.

#4. Anafi, an Island off Santorini, Greece

This island isn’t known for its beaches, but if you’re looking for natural beauty then Anafi will be a major plus. As you could guess from its name, it means flower in Greek. Unlike most of Santorini and other popular islands in Greece, Anafi is a mountainous area with tall peaks that reach over 7,000 feet above sea level.

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#5. Mykonos Island, Greece

Stunning white-washed houses and glittering blue bays are practically synonymous with Greece. But while everyone knows about Santorini and Mykonos, there are many more beautiful Greek islands you might not have heard of. For travelers looking for an off-the-beaten path experience, the following islands offer secluded spots to relax and explore.

#6. Fokos Bay in Skiathos Island, Greece

Skiathos is a Greek island in the northern Sporades group, about midway between mainland Greece and Crete. It is one of 16 Regional Units of Greece. The capital is Skiathos town. About 1,400 people live in Skiathos and its satellite villages, who are now involved in sea-tourism, fishing and commerce.

#7. Elafonisos Village and Beach in Corfu Island, Greece

Elafonisos is one of those places that’s perfect for any traveler. It’s got an idyllic traditional Corfiot village, small harbor, and a stunningly white pebble beach. Just looking at it gives you an instant escape from city life. In fact, Elafonisos was voted as one of 25 places to visit in 2017 by National Geographic! It’s a great location for foodies too!

#8. Balos Beach in Milos Island, Greece

If you’re looking for a place to relax and take in some spectacular views, look no further than Balos Beach in Milos Island. This relatively secluded beach is situated just south of Limni harbor and attracts only about two thousand tourists per year, meaning it’s not nearly as congested as some of its better-known counterparts. Also worth mentioning: clear waters, palm trees, and great beaches to both swim in and explore around.

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