7 Easy Ways To Make YouTube Channel Attractive

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You started a YouTube channel because you want to put yourself or your ideas out there for people to see. Needless to say, one of your clear goals is for your audience to expand. In this article, we will take a look at seven easy ways to make your YouTube channel attractive. We’re going to detail some effective techniques to drive up your channel’s views and subscribers. If you want to create professional-grade videos in minutes, you’ll want to check out this video maker online from Promo.com. 

More than two billion people all over the world use YouTube every month. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that work to attract these viewers to your channel.

7 Easy Ways To Make YouTube Channel Attractive

1. Make Sure Your YouTube Basics are of Good Quality

This is one of the most basic areas you want to get covered before you advance to anything else. Take a look at your fundamentals and make sure all the boxes are ticked. Your basic YouTube housekeeping should include:

  • Consistency of your visual identity such as your channel icon and banner (use a reliable video maker online for editing).
  • A complete and informative About section.
  • Up-to-date contact information (this is really helpful for potential customers, sponsors, and brand partners to get in touch).

2. Zero In on Your Target Audience

If you are determined to optimise your YouTube marketing strategy, you’ll want to get very clear and accurate about your goals – and the content that will get you there. Because you’re not creating content for just everyone. You’re specifically creating for your target audience. Many successful YouTube channels have thrived because they make specialised content with ultra-specific titles. 

3. Do Your Research to Optimise Your Video’s Search Ranking

Apart from being a social platform, YouTube is also a search engine. And one of the best strategies for increasing your channel’s views is optimising your videos for search. Simply put, when your target viewer types in your chosen keywords, you want to see your video ranking at the top of the results list.

That means you need to be familiar with what your audience is exactly looking for, be it tutorials, entertainment, or inspiration. Ranking in search results is the most effective way to get viewers who’ve never heard of your channel before their search. 

This is easier said than done, however. So what can you do to drive up the search ranking of your YouTube videos? Research. You’ll want to use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to do two things:

  • Look for inspiration for your next videos by finding out what people are already searching for.
  • Take relevant keywords and use them in your metadata (title, tags, description, subtitles). 

In addition, getting familiar with how the YouTube algorithm works would work to your advantage. This AI not only determines search results, but gives you recommendations for that important “suggested videos” sidebar as well.

4. Use Metadata to Get Recommended After a Popular Video

If you aim to increase your YouTube views, take cues from the most popular videos in your particular niche. You can start by taking a look at the most popular video of your top competitor. Go to their video library and sort by “most popular”.

The main goal of YouTube is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible so that they’ll see as many ads as possible, and the algorithm’s job is to feed viewers one video after another. But how does YouTube figure out what viewers might like? Its algorithm takes these factors into consideration:

  • Videos that are often watched together
  • Videos the user has watched in the past
  • Videos related by topic

The third factor is the only one you can control by optimising your keywords. When choosing keywords, you’ll want to think like a librarian. Describe your video’s topic and its overall category, and think of other relevant words a viewer might use to search it. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can actually take a look at a competitor’s video to see what keywords they use by right-clicking on the webpage. Select View Page Source, then CTRL-F “keywords”.

Make sure the quality of your videos remains consistent by using the same high-quality editing tools. You can easily find a good video maker online for editing your footage. 

5. Use Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails can determine the success of your videos, especially when your potential viewers are the ones that skim through search results and recommendations. So what are the factors that make a thumbnail effective?

  • Firstly, the thumbnail should be clear and accurate about the video it’s describing.
  • Secondly, the thumbnail should stand out.
  • Lastly, the thumbnail complements the video’s title. 

Standing out can simply mean choosing a bright colour, a catchy font, or an attractive still shot. Or if your niche is saturated with high-key visuals, the best way to make your channel stand out is to choose to be calm and minimal. You’ll want to get extra creative with tools like a video maker online.

6. Create Playlists to Increase Your Views

Organising and creating video playlists on your channel is a proven way to keep your viewers engaged and minimise their chances to move on to another channel once they’ve consumed your content. This is because as soon as one video ends, the next begins. 

Since you’ve already done the hard work of helping them find your video, click on it and watch it entirely, it makes sense to guide them to the videos they’re going to want next. 

7. Build Relationships with Your Viewers

You’ll want to actively engage with your audience to build relationships. Your end goal here is actually creating an organic, realistic, and sustainable path to increase your views. Audience engagement includes engaging with other YouTubers, both creators and commenters. This further increases your channel’s visibility and subscriber count.   

Effective ideas for creating a two-way conversation might include:

  • Replying to comments.
  • Running a contest.
  • Making reaction videos.
  • Including other people’s content in your videos (with their permission).
  • Collaborating with other content creators.

Besides all the steps mentioned here, it all begins with putting a nice finished product out there that viewers would want to watch, something that’s overall appealing to your target audience. It’s important to use a video maker online that gives you the necessary solutions. You’ll want to create a video maker online that provides you with a rich library of templates, royalty-free music, user-friendly editing tools, and pre-made content for all social media channels.


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