6 Reasons to Breastfeed your Child

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We need food to survive! 

No matter if it’s just about breathing or doing high-intensity work, our body consumes energy that is driven by food. Though food requirements and preferences can vary from person to person, the requirement to drive energy from the food remains there for every individual. Children are no exception to this!

Infant Nutritional Requirements

Babies have their sophisticated nutritional requirements and for which they depend upon adults to feed them. This is highly important in the case of newborn babies because they are just born and require essential nutrients to grow and develop. When it comes to infants we are more likely to come across two options including breast milk or formula milk. 

Women who are deciding on the choice to breastfeed their child are affected by many common misconceptions about breastfeeding children. However, breastfeeding is good for both mother and children. 

I remember my nephew was diagnosed with frequent digestive trouble. It was possible only after visiting a renowned child specialist in Lahore that the problem was found in the formula milk the child was consuming. Their physician suggested replacing formula milk with breast milk. 

Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are many potential health benefits of breastfeeding for both children and mothers. In case you are looking for convincing reasons to breastfeed your child, then this article might be a perfect read for you. Here are some of the reasons you need to know about:

1- Better immunity

An efficient immune system is required to keep children healthy. The newborn immune system is weak and gets habitual to the germs after being exposed to the bacteria or viruses. Babies depend upon their mothers to acquire immunity. A part of this immunity can come from breast milk and this is because breast milk contains antibodies that enable babies to fight off infections. 

2- Complete nutrition

Children’s nutritional requirements are there and need to be fulfilled for proper growth and development. Breast milk comes as a perfect nutrition source and can help children grow well. Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients in a perfect and is perfectly designed to provide your child with enough carbs, proteins and fats.

3- Better brain function

When it comes to brain function development, many things can play a critical role. A part of brain function development comes from the consumption of breast milk. There is enough evidence to support the claims that consumption of breastmilk can help your child get smarter. 

4- Better digestive health

Whenever it comes to maintaining good health, there is enough dependency on digestive health. An efficient digestive system is critically required for better health. Breast milk is good for children’s digestive system because it is easy to digest and requires less effort than what it takes to process formula milk. So, breast milk is ultimately good for a child’s digestive health.

5- Healthy body weight

Bodyweight is important and directly depends upon the nutritional intake. Breast milk is one such nutrition source that helps your child to have healthy body weight. Healthy body weight limits the risk of childhood obesity that causes numerous health problems later in life. So, it helps your child to keep a healthy body weight. 

6- Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers

The benefits of breastmilk are not only limited to a child’s health but it is also good for women’s health. It helps mothers to lose weight after pregnancy and reduces their risk of suffering from breast cancer and other ailments in future. Not only this, but breastfeeding helps mothers to build a special bond with their children. No matter which way you slice it, breastfeeding remains beneficial for both mother and children. 

Had enough breastfeeding benefits? Let’s wrap up!

From breathing to walking and running, we depend upon food and children are no exception to this. Breast milk comes as a perfect nutrient solution for children for all the good reasons. Not only this but breastfeeding is good for mothers as well and offers numerous benefits. While there remain questions on suitable breastfeeding age for children, you can consult your physician to make an informed decision regarding breastfeeding your child.

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