5 Ways to Protect Your Wireless Earbuds and Make them Last Long

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A very popular offspring of technological innovation that has various kinds of receptions from people are wireless earbuds. It’s not a secret that many like them, and many don’t. Of course, that’s because these wireless earbuds have pros and cons. Furthermore, the negative response is most likely because everyone is used to wired earphones since the beginning. Many also say that these gadgets are not as long-lasting and durable as wired ones due to their proneness to getting dropped. 

If you’re a pro-wireless earbuds though, your silent little goal is to fight for the name of these devices. You want to prove to your friends who are bashing those wireless earbuds of yours that they are wrong about the unfavorable notions they say, receive, read or hear about these gadgets. Well, it’s not supposed to be anything so serious, but it would not be bad either. 

To do that or at least attempt to do so, you have to be aware that many of the reasons why many wireless earbuds don’t last long, in short get damaged or broken easily, is due to their owners’ and users’ manner of using them. Yes, accept the common account that wireless earphones are not invincible just because they don’t have those wires that keep getting entangled. 

The power is in your hands, figuratively and literally. If you want to use and enjoy these gadgets for a good time, make sure to take good care of them. Here are 5 ways to protect your wireless earbuds and make them last long.  

1 – Make sure they are securely inserted into your ears.

A major reason why many people do not like these wireless earbuds is because they can easily be removed from your ears by wrong, fast and big hand movements. For some, they can be detached due to loose wearing, and the earbuds drop before you know it. These instances are the common culprits of wireless earbuds’ early malfunctioning and breakage. 

To avoid such, make sure that they are securely inserted into your ears. Wear them nicely while ensuring that they are reliably fixed and won’t easily fall out or be pulled out. Do not just place them thoughtlessly on your ear. Especially when you will wear them while traveling, see to it that the wireless earbuds are worn safely. Fix your hair and accessories, if any, to avoid any mishaps caused by them. 

2 – When not in use, store the earbuds in their proper casing.

Aside from your manner of wearing them, storage is a substantial determinant of your wireless earbuds’ lifespan. Do not recklessly leave them just anywhere. When not in use, store them in their proper casing. Turn them off, and keep them in their tightly closed casing. Prevent the earbuds from getting unnecessary moisture, dirt and dust by using the storage properly. 

At the same time, by doing so, you are getting rid of the annoying possibility of losing or misplacing them because of negligence. Even if the wireless buds fall to the ground by accident, you’d be really grateful to know that you’ve done your duty of storing them well.

3 – Do not sleep while wearing them.

Sometimes, you unknowingly fall asleep while watching videos or movies on your cell phone, using social media, or listening to music before actually planning to slumber. This is very much relatable whenever you’re tired and sleepy but you keep using your phone late at night. Oftentimes, when such happens, you unexpectedly fall asleep with the earbuds on your ears. You wake up with them still on your ears or with them scattered on your bed, under your arms or blankets.

Although this seems harmless at first sight, it will be a problem once you experience your wireless earbuds getting out of order or showing signs of acting up in the next few days. Lying on or sitting on your earphones is just a big no-no that assures you that they will get damaged sooner or later. That’s why you should not sleep while wearing them, or if you feel sleepy already, remove them from your ears and officially sleep to avoid unexpectedly wearing them while sleeping.   

For some people who cannot sleep without music or who just sleep better with it, use your gadgets’ built-in speakers instead or a separate music player.  

4 – Properly recharge your wireless earbuds.


Wireless earbuds are rechargeable. As you know, there’s also a right way to charge your gadgets. These earbuds are never exempted. If you do it wrongly, their batteries, wires and connections will go wrong. Needless to say, do not overcharge them. Decide on the frequency of recharging your wireless earbuds, based on your usage too.

5 – Clean your wireless earbuds from time to time.

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Sanitation is a crucial aspect in the maintenance of wireless earbuds. Clean them from time to time, preferably every after long use. Eliminate sweat, moisture and earwax buildup, if present. As much as possible, do not let anybody borrow and use these gadgets because actually, they are not supposed to be shared due to hygienic reasons. 


Wireless earbuds have tons of advantages, however, you will not be able to experience and maximize them if they are faulty or broken because of the lack of responsible care. When you’re protecting and keeping your wireless earbuds safe and secure, you’re doing that not to be able to brag about proving pro-wired earphones people wrong. You are actually doing that, so you have a reliable gadget to use for music, calls, virtual meetings and more. It’s for your own sake as well as your wireless earbuds’ sake, so pay more attention to maintaining and properly utilizing your wireless earbuds.  


Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.

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