5 Types Of Shoes That Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

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Your shoes can make or break your OOTD, and there is a reason why they are applauded as the queen of all accessories. They are the first thing that one notices about your outfit, and if you treat them as an investment for your wardrobe, you are likely to buy pairs that can last you for years to come. By investing in the right pieces, you are sure to have a pair of shoes to accompany you with every outfit and during every season, listed below are five types of shows that every woman needs to have in her closet:

1. A pair of white sneakers

A white sneaker is a classic and can make any outfit look suave, cool, and effortless in an instant. You can pair absolutely anything with your favorite white sneakers, and if you find a pair that you love, it would be hard for you to part ways. If you are in the mood to invest, hop into your nearest Adidas store in search of a classic. However, if you are simply testing the waters, look into the Camden Sneakers at TopShop.

2. A pair of ankle boots

A fall staple, ankle boots can be paired with absolutely any outfit – whether it be a trusted sweater and jeans combo or a dress paired with a trench coat, ankle boots are versatile and can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your look. While choosing ankle boots, be sure to opt for a heel height that you are comfortable with, and go for the color black to truly make your boots versatile. The FSW Shoes black ankle boots are favorites in terms of their longevity and style.

3. A pair of your ever-favorite heels

There isn’t a bigger sin in the world of fashion than not having at least one pair of heels that you love and can rely on throughout the year. There isn’t anything worse than realizing that you need a pair of heels for an interview or a formal dinner and having to run to the store because there isn’t a pair in your wardrobe that you can run towards instead. Every woman should have a pair of pointed pumps, and a pair of ankle-strapped block heels in her wardrobe as together both of these types can cater to several versatile outfits.

4. A pair of chic slides

Slide sandals can be thought of as the chic cousin of flip-flops, and there is nothing more comforting than sliding your foot into a pair of your favorite slides during the summer and not thinking much of it. They are ideal for hot summer days and cool summer nights alike and are a fun way to add some character to your summer outfits.

5. A pair of trusted loafers

Loafers aren’t very old in women’s fashion and yet we still can’t believe how we ever put together a business-casual look without them in our armor. Loafers can immediately make an outfit appear sophisticated and make you seem put together. They are a chic alternative to wearing heels at work or for a night out. Your wardrobe should feature both classic and fun colors, as the former is essential for work and daily wear, while the latter is important to spice up your OOTNs.

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