5 Things That You Must Consider Before Making Custom Noodle Box 

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Noodles are famous enough for children and adults without any age discrimination. Also, it is the best solution to remove your hunger instantly. A person can make it home and easily buy from any famous noodle restaurant. So, there is multiple noodle makers’ work to fulfill customers’ demand and need proper packaging to present them in front of target audiences. Sometimes they buy premade noodle takeaways boxes, but these are not suitable for human health. Thus, noodle suppliers need custom boxes to attract your users and promote their business. Let See why noodles need customized packaging. 

Why Do Noodles Need Custom Packaging Solutions?

Noodles are available in versatile forms in the industry; they could be found in dry form and soupy. Moreover, it is a fragile item, so it must be packed in sealed packaging solutions to keep its taste and aroma. Also, the box style is easily open by your end-users because if your noodle box is tricky to open, it creates messiness for your consumers. Custom noodle boxes are available in versatile sizes, shapes, and printing options to fulfill your demand. Now it’s time to consider the things when you create noodle packaging boxes.

Use Mature Printing Machines 

The first concern that you must ensure is your packaging supplier should be used mature printing machinery. The use of immature printing machines destroys the look of your noodle boxes and does not provide the finest look that captivates the customer’s attention. Plus, the printing machinery must be hygienic and clean to print food packaging boxes because it directly relates to human health. 

Custom Printed Noodle Box Must be Talkative 

Every product packaging shows that what is waiting for you inside the box. Also, it explains which brand produced this item for customers’ facilitation. Similarly, you need to explain all required info on your printed noodle boxes to build an optimistic relationship between the brand and its customers. So, you need to place your brand name, logo, flavor name printing, and ingredients for the awareness of customers. On this subject, you need to use custom and unique font styles to print the text on your boxes. This tactic helps a noodle brand to build its reputation in the industry. Here are some tactics that make your printed noodle packaging fabulous:

  • Use foil stamping for writing text
  • Add mascot touch and character’s in your brand logo 
  • Use font-weight and style wisely that is readable for your audiences

Choose Durable Cardstock to Protect Your Noodles 

Now it’s time to focus on the noodles containers cardstock that must be protected for your noodles. Due to this, with the use of protective cardstock, you can portray the positive image of your brand on your customer’s minds. In this regard, you can use cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardstocks for noodles packaging construction. Well, you can chore multiple thickness ranges for noodle boxes according to your desire. Moreover, you have option to choose from 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 24pt for your noodle packaging boxes. Most of the brands use noodle boxes made from heavy-duty cardstock with polythene linings to ensure leakage proof of your food cases. 

Use Eco-friendly and Quality Ink Toners 

As you know, noodle boxes are used to pack ready-to-cook noodles and takeaway warm noodles. So, if you sell cooked noodles and your packaging supplier uses low-grade ink toners, it reduces the quality of your product. Therefore, you need to use high-grade and premium quality ink toners for printing custom printed noodle boxes to serve your customers. It is the responsibility of noodle makers or restaurant owners to use quality packaging for customers because the impact of food packaging directly affects human health. 

Cardstock Of Noodle Boxes Must be Eco-friendly 

Well, maximum brands check the durability of their material of noodle packaging boxes, but they never think about whether the box is eco-friendly or not. So, always choose biodegradable and nature-friendly cardstocks for your noodle boxes for a sustainable environment. Moreover, you can order these noodle boxes wholesale at competitive prices, which are eco-friendly as well. The use of Kraft noodle boxes is the most nature-friendly cardstock that is moisture and tears resistant to ensure the best quality of your products. Moreover, if you cannot afford a complete Kraft box, you can mix 50 percent Kraft with 50% cardboard. It also becomes the best recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable noodle box packaging.

Wrapping up Thoughts 

The discussion mentioned above explains why the noodle brand needs high-quality custom noodle boxes for the packaging of their product. Also, it explains what things you need to consider to make perfect .noodle boxes for your brand. In this regard, you need to use mature printing machines, use mature printing gadgets, buy wholesale, and pick durable cardstock for your noodle packaging cartons. So, it’s all up to what you choose for food packaging boxes. 

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