5 Lesser Known Facts about Ghostwriters

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If you are looking for immediate fame and popularity, ghostwriting is not for you. The whole point of ghostwriting is to produce quality content from the shadows without getting acknowledgement or recognition for the work. When you take up a ghostwriting project, you agree to give the copyright of the work to the person paying you for the job.

Ghostwriters are not the product of the 21st century. There have been ghostwriters for decades or even centuries. In fact, you will be surprised to know that some of your favourite authors actually took the help of ghostwriters for their numerous works. In this blog, I will discuss some of the lesser-known facts about ghostwriters to help you get a better understanding of the profession.

1.    Ghostwriting is not limited to writing for books:

It will be wrong to assume that ghostwriting projects only include books. In fact, ghostwriting covers a wide range of projects – starting from celebrity memoirs to song lyrics. A lot of popular online sites, such as Huffington Post and Tech Crunch, hire ghostwriters to write for them. In fact, students these days look for dissertation writing help from ghostwriters who specialise in particular subjects.

Yes, ghostwriters also take up projects that include writing novels, books, biographies and more. However, with the changing demand for online content, the client base of these ghostwriters has also expanded across different fields. A lot of companies simply hire ghostwriters for their website content because it is more convenient than having an in-house team of writers.

2.    Some people do it mainly because of its anonymous nature:

Not getting any public acknowledgement for the work discourages a lot of people from becoming a ghostwriter. However, that is not the case for everyone. There are actually a number of people in the ghostwriting community who love the profession because of its anonymous nature.

You can find a lot of ghostwriters in the market who are fine with working even when they do not get credit for the job. As long as they are getting paid for the job, they are okay to do it. During an era when keeping your privacy intact has become a massive challenge, ghostwriting allows these writers to maintain their privacy while doing what they love to do.

3.    Ghostwriting is a booming industry:

There is no need to assume that ghostwriting is a shady business, and there is no future for a writer. On the contrary, the demand for ghostwriting services is growing exponentially. You may have noticed that all the popular websites in today’s date make a number of posts every day. In order to meet the targets, these websites often resort to ghostwriting services.

The ghostwriters can produce well-researched, well-written articles, blog posts, eBooks and more on a regular basis. Also, the publishing houses are always in need of ghostwriters who can finish the work of other authors. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for ghostwriters in the academic field as the competition tends to get more intense.

4.    Ghostwriting has been going on for ages:

As mentioned previously, ghostwriting has been going on for decades or even centuries. A lot of people believe that even the great William Shakespeare had a team of ghostwriters to help him produce a massive number of plays credited to his name. I don’t have any evidence to prove it, but that is the whole point of ghostwriting.

Earlier, it used to be only about writing books, novels, plays and poems. Now, with the introduction of the internet, businesses, as well as individuals, have discovered new avenues to publish their writing. And whenever there is a need for additional writing support, ghostwriters have fulfilled such need without claiming any credit for the work.

The way digital content is being consumed by the world population, it is safe to say that ghostwriting will keep on flourishing in the years to come.

5.    Writing may happen the best in isolation, but ghostwriting is different:

As you may have realised by now, ghostwriting is significantly different from normal writing. Most authors and writers come up with their best work when they are isolated from the cacophony of the world. However, ghostwriting is a collaborative effort. Unless the client shares his/her (or their) ideas and requirements for the task, the ghostwriter cannot proceed.

In most cases, the ghostwriter needs to be a great listener. He/she needs to pay attention to all the instructions and requirements of the client. In some cases, the ghostwriter needs to interview a celebrity or a renowned personality before writing a biography for the person. The ghostwriters also may require someone else to help guide them through the process on behalf of the client.

Final thoughts

It is unfortunate that even after such a huge demand in the market, most people are oblivious to the existence of ghostwriting practice. It is mainly because of its anonymous nature. However, things are changing for good, and there are a number of platforms where freelance writers can find clients and work on ghostwriting projects.

It is important to mention that ghostwriting pays a person significantly well, which is another reason why some people enjoy being a ghostwriter so much. If you are also interested in pursuing a career in the field of writing, ghostwriting can be a great way to kickstart your career. It will not only help you hone your skills but also introduce you to famous publishers and numerous contacts, which can also help you later in your homework like physics Homework Help when you want to publish your own work.


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