5 Important Tips for Choosing the Right B2B Ecommerce Platform

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B2B Ecommerce Platform

Every B2B strives to achieve customer satisfaction on a B2B ecommerce platform since it is essential to staying ahead of the competition and to the expansion and success of the company. Gartner estimates that 89 percent of companies anticipate focusing their competition mostly on customer experience in the near future. It is crucial to consider carefully how to satisfy your customers through strategic planning and considerable foresight into the best B2B ecommerce platform to select. 

Although there are many B2B ecommerce platforms available, it is essential to take certain criteria into account before selecting one. An all-in-one B2B ecommerce platform like Virto Commerce can serve as the ideal solution for all B2B ecommerce needs. This article aims to offer five considerations to make when selecting the B2B ecommerce solution that best suits your needs. 

Tips to Consider in Choosing the Right B2B Ecommerce Platform

Let’s go ahead and jump into the vital tips to apply when searching for a B2B ecommerce platform for your business.

Type of ecommerce platform:

  • There are numerous B2B ecommerce platforms, but picking the right one for your needs requires an understanding of each type. SaaS platforms, cloud platforms, open-source platforms, and licensed ecommerce platforms are popular varieties. Your choice of B2B ecommerce platform will have an impact on PCI security, maintenance, cost, and purchase-related requirements.

Easy ERP integration:

  •  ERP software combines all of your essential back-end processes (including accounting, human resources, and inventory management) into a single, integrated system to help you run your business more successfully on a daily basis. This guarantees that your offline and online operations may coexist peacefully. With integration, you can sell across more channels with greater effectiveness and give your customers a better overall experience. When looking for a new platform, take your ERP system’s compatibility into account. For your online store’s activities to be in sync with your back-end ones, a B2B ecommerce platform should provide seamless ERP integration. 

Technical support:

  • The strength of the technical support should be taken into account when selecting the best B2B ecommerce platform. A technical issue will inevitably arise, possibly as a result of increased website traffic. It may occasionally be because the website needs to undergo certain technological improvements. Waiting a long time to receive technical help is harmful for the brand. Thus, it needs to be handled with the utmost seriousness. 


  • Are you aiming for the local market or the global one while selling your products? Making a choice is crucial because different shopping carts offer different languages, currencies, and taxes. Customers can view content tailored to their country and also have their taxation and addresses set up according to where they live by using the geolocation feature. You must check the locality range of the B2B ecommerce platform you select if you want to sell across different countries.

Functionality and scalability:

  • B2B and B2C sales are distinct from one another. Firms selling to other businesses face specific challenges and obligations. Your platform will need to accommodate these unique requirements. Consider platforms that offer features like responsive design, payment options, integrations with sales reps, self-service, customer-specific pricing, built-in analytics and reporting, and multi-vendor capabilities. Before selecting a B2B ecommerce platform, factors like intuitive UX design, smart-review management, real-time stock availability, renting and selling options, flexible pricing, and multiple payment gateways must be taken into account. Additionally, be sure the ecommerce platform you choose can expand along with your company.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce is transforming how B2B operations meet their customers’ needs. The above tips will help your business find a Ecommerce Platform that can give it an edge in the evolving environment. Once the platform is implemented, you will wonder why you did not use one sooner.

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