5 Hot WordPress Trends that Every Website Owner Should Jump on in 2022

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WordPress qualifies as one of the leading website content management systems. There are more than 1.8 billion active websites on the Web, and about one-third of them are developed using WordPress. These facts and figures scream for evident popularity and usage of WordPress as compared to all other CMS platforms.

WordPress is a top-rated CMS platform that features various resources, and it is estimated that over 27% of the websites are powered by WordPress. Moreover, a lot of major brands, including CNN, BBC America, and TechCrunch, are powered by WordPress.

Understanding the importance of WordPress and its popularity, websites follow major trends that get common on the WordPress Platform. The article entails top WordPress trends that will dominate the marketplace in 2020.

 The Emergence of Improved eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce has emerged as the profit-generating business tool of this era. Rarely there are businesses that have not yet established online business platforms. This emerging online business need is gearing up a large prospect of WordPress websites.

We estimate that eCommerce is expected to be one of the ruling trends of WordPress. In the near future, eCommerce will probably continue to proceed ahead with an increased value. The most popular and widely used eCommerce solution and the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. Hence, the ECommerce-based solution is one of the large aspects of wordpress development services.

Moreover, using new WordPress themes can help you develop a powerful and secure eCommerce system. ECommerce trends may include mobile-based transactions, digital banking, subscription-based services, and personalized shopping trends.

Virtual Reality powered WordPress Plugins

Another trending WordPress plugin is Virtual reality. It has become one of the most vibrating trends that most website owners are considering to include while developing a website. Keeping this in mind, many Web Developers and Designers are bending their focus on VR trends that contribute to user-engaging website design, development, and maintenance to elevate their business standards. WordPress provides support to virtual reality-based content, including 360° images and videos. Multiple plugins are available on the online store, as well. Consequently, in 2020, we expect to see more WordPress websites that make use of VR.

360° Panoramic Image Viewer is a responsive WordPress plugin that enables websites to integrate hotspots to static images, devising an interactive and visual experience for the website visitors.

MomentoPress is an open-source WordPress plugin used for displaying 360° VR photos and videos. Such images and videos are uploaded to the Momento360 platform.

Voice Search Optimization Trends for WordPress

Voice Search is grasping the latest web trends, and websites are proactively understanding and fulfilling this user-centric need. Voice search optimization trends for the WordPress platform will be empowered radically in 2020.

This trend majorly entails search engine optimization consisting of voice assistants. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are dominating the market with increased growth to generate an enormous amount of ROI. Whilst Google Voice Widget and Magic Post Voice are the latest plugins that are released for WordPress Platforms.

Voice search optimization is certainly a great tool and resource for every size and sector to attain customer engagement prospects because users now prefer to use voice searching apps instead of typing. With respect to customer relationship management (CRM) terminologies, the Voice Optimization trend will be a useful implementation and transformation of the ways users interact with the website and distributed computing applications.

Integration of Chatbots for WordPress

Chatbots have massively covered the online business market, and this trend is expected to flourish more in 2020. WordPress enables its users to integrate chatbots through CRM to provide support to users.

The advanced benefits of chatbots entice website owners to use this feature despite having successful interactions through social media platforms. If chatbots are implemented with sufficient information on the website, it is really helpful for the users to get assisted and improves overall user interaction.

Minimal Design

We have seen a popular and widespread trend of flat designs, and probably it is going to be here for the next few years too. The simple and minimal look with flat vectors is among the major trends that are going to rule in 2020. These design trends make their influence the web as well.

However, we do not expect these designs to be static, but they will evolve with time and will probably get even better. Incorporation of shadows and depth in flat designs can give it more depth and attraction.

A significant cause of popular flat designs on the WordPress website is that it beautifies the web appearance with minimum loading time. This serves as a strong website strategy of businesses to take less load time with a good appearance.

Wrap Up

To sum up, the expected WordPress trends for 2020 will enhance your online presence. These trends are determined as platforms that certainly help professionals for the design and development of websites. Particularly it is favorable for websites that require to set a brand identity and online presence to another level. The emerging WordPress trends are to ensure the perfect online presence of your brand. It helps to understand and examine the users’ requirements and ways to make up your brand to reach the top position.

Author Bio: Danyal Shakeel is a digital marketing expert at web design company in los angeles. He loves to work for companies that need his skills in the marketing domain to market their product and make a mark for themselves.

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