5 Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your Kraft Soap Boxes

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Let’s dig in to find more about custom kraft soap boxes.

What Are Kraft Soap Boxes?

Custom kraft soap boxes are the brown boxes that we buy soaps in. They are usually available in khaki color only because they are made of kraft material. However, they are packaged nicely in numerous ways making the soaps look lovely.

Moreover, the custom kraft soap boxes are 100% biodegradable, so if you buy these boxes, you can save money and boost your sales. It is so because nowadays, people are aware of the need for eco-friendly packaging because at least 30% of waste comes from packaging. So, to cut it short, kraft packaging is one of the best ways.

Why Do Soaps Require Boxes?

Soaps being very fragile and flimsy, require durable and long-lasting boxes. It is so because even the slightest changes in weather can impact the soaps a lot. For instance, contact with severe sunlight can cause the soaps to melt, or contact with water can cause the soaps to become watery and soaps. This is why packaging soaps in soap boxes is the best way to prevent soaps from all environmental changes and enhance their appeal.

Find A Worthy Packaging Company

It is not wrong to say that there are s many packaging companies in the market that can make boxes for you, but why do you need a packaging company?

The answer to the question is very simple. You need a packaging company because you want top-notch boxes made that can influence people by all means. Also, get boxes made by a company. The boxes will be high-quality, and they will be able to impact customers, simultaneously improving your brand’s reputation in the market.

A few things that you need to focus on while choosing a company are your budget and the company’s perquisites. Since the company you pick has a significant impact on your brand’s future value, you need to be sure that you got the right one.

Try Unique Shapes And Sizes

Basic square and rectangle soap boxes are so 2021, which is precisely why you need some innovation with yours. You can think of nicer shapes that people haven’t used previously and use them. For instance, a pentagon soap box, a tuck-end soap box, a pyramid soap box, and many other helpful options. You need to pique your customers’ interests, and you will be thrilled to see your sales booming in no time.

Pick Reusable And Reliable Packaging Materials

The only good reusable material that you should pick is the kraft material. It Is so because it is 100% biodegradable, and people over the globe have been obsessing over it. All the customers who believe in the green revolution have taken oaths not to use non-biodegradable packaging. Since at least half of the waste products are packaging, it needs to be focused upon. Therefore, you should use kraft material to curate the best kraft soap boxes wholesale for your customers and offer them an amazing user experience.

Moreover, it is not wrong to say that using kraft material will bring in more customers and enhance your brand’s reputation in the market, a win-win situation. So, it is best to use kraft material to fulfill all your packaging needs.

Customize The Boxes

Who wishes to spend money on boring kraft soap packaging? No one! Just like you would also never.

This is why customizing the boxes should be on top of your priority list. Customization is all you do on the boxes to make them even more appealing. Additionally, customizing the boxes is not as easy as you think because it’s a tricky part. For this purpose, you need expert suggestions and help. The packaging companies have experienced graphic designers who do the job for you. You can either count on them with their expertise, or you can provide them with samples that showcase your requirements.

Here are different customizations that you can use to take your boxes from zero to hero without spending a lot of money.

3 coatings available are:

·       Gloss Coating

Firstly, the gloss coating is very reasonable and user-friendly. It is best for outdoor usage and in the sunlight. It is so because it lights up the entire box just with a hint of the sun. So if you want your boxes to be shiny and extravagant, you better choose the gloss coating.

·       Matte Coating

Secondly, the matte coating is best for indoor uses for outdoor uses only in exceptional cases. It is so because the matte coating makes the boxes sleek and simple. Not every customer wants their boxes to be as loud as possible, some like them to be subtle. Thus, the matte coating is a perfect choice.

·       Spot UV

Thirdly, consider spot UV as a blend of both the matte and the gloss coatings. This coating adds explicitly to the allure of your boxes with a hint of both the above-mentioned coatings. Some parts will be shiny, and some parts will be matte. So, consider this as a 2 in 1 option.

2 printing techniques available are:

·       Digital Printing

Firstly, digital printing is very cost-effective and reasonable. It is best for printing mockups or boxes for shorter turnarounds. It is so because this method does not last long enough. For instance, the print can be best for like a week or so, but after that, it starts to wither with time, so it is better to use this method for printing regular boxes and not high-end ones.

·       Offset Printing

On the other hand, offset printing is one expensive yet high-end printing technique. It is ideal for printing boxes of all sorts because the colors last forever. However, if you wish to print boxes with this technique, it is better to print boxes in bulk to save some money. Also, every penny that you spend on this is worth it because once you see the results, you will fall in love immediately.

Save Some Money With Add-Ons

Lastly, in case you didn’t know it previously, add-ons are secret marketing techniques, so you can benefit from them without spending a heavy chunk of money on marketing firms. Don’t work hard; work smart.


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