4 Things to Get Done Before Moving Into a New Home

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First and foremost, a big congrats on securing a new home. We understand how stressful it gets when finding a home. The entire princess is very overwhelming, from finding the right movers to deciding the interior of the home.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when moving into a new place. Many of us tend to consider basic moving steps such as packing and unpacking to be the only important things standing in our way of fully settling down.

However, it’s the things that have to be done once you’ve moved into a new place that makes the biggest difference. Getting yourself familiarized with the new home, understanding how it functions, and prioritizing what you want to tackle first as a homeowner.

It’s always better to do all of it once you’ve moved in, rather than waiting and simply assuming that you’ll figure it out as time goes by. There’s no doubt that you probably have a lot going on already, and we don’t want to add to your stress, we only want to make things easier. To make things easier and beautiful, just look out for clean polish shines.

Therefore, we’ve decided to help set your to-do list straight and put together a guide that will guide you on what are the four most important things you should do before moving into your new home.

Do a Walkthrough

Let us just share that there’s never a better time to do a walkthrough of your new home than when it’s empty. Before you set up your furniture and start unpacking, in fact even before you start unloading your stuff from the truck, take a look around, if possible.

Among the many things to consider, here are the most important ones that you should double-check:

  • Ensure that all agreed-upon repair work has been made by the house’s previous owner.
  • Everything that was agreed upon to be included at the time of the sale is in the house.
  • Everything is working well, including switches, outlets, and fixtures.

However, if you were to come across a problem that goes against your sale contract, call your real estate agent immediately and see how this can be resolved. As for issues that were not mentioned in your contract, it’s now become your responsibility.

It helps to know what these issues are.

Safety Precautions if you have Children or/and Pets

If you have young children or pets when moving into the new home, then it’s essential to ensure some child or/and pet-proofing to keep everyone safe until you manage to fully set up your new place.

Apart from the basic steps–like sharp edges, open doors, and windows, outlets– you must keep a lookout on temporary moving objects that might be hazardous to your kids or/and pets.

You can keep them in the store or store all dangerous objects in a box. Ensure that you have securely closed them and there’s no way for your children or/and pets to reach them.

Ensure That All Your Utilities are up and Running

Hopefully, you managed to take the time out to arrange all your utilities to be up and running by the time you move into your new place. You don’t want to have to spend your first night in your new home without any electricity, right?

That is why you should ensure that all utilities such as electricity, gas, heat, and water, are all ready before your move-in date. In addition, you might always want to plan for Cable, Wi-Fi, and a phone connection.

You can contact your ISP and see if they’re providing services in your new neighborhood, otherwise, start searching for alternatives.

Prioritize Repairs

Now, unless you’re moving into an entirely new home, in which you’re the first owner, chances are you’re going to have to get some repair work done. You should create a home service repair plan in which you know what needs to be done and which ones have the highest level of priority.

You ought to have a general idea during your home inspection, but it’s not hard to walk around on your own to mark them down. Although there’s no need to work on these repairs urgently, as there will be enough time to have them done after you’re fully settled, it won’t hurt to make a list for the repair work that has to be done.


Once again, congratulations on your new home. It takes a lot of planning and mind storming to get here. The above-mentioned things will help you settle into your new home much faster, as compared to going in blindly.

We hope you’ll share with us how these tips worked out for you!

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