3 Attractive Ways to Control Natural Lighting in Your Home [Plus Additional Solutions!]

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Having natural light come into your home is a wonderful way of adding ambiance as well as uplifting the moods of its occupants. However, too much daylight can damage your furnishings, turn a room into a furnace and cause floor coverings to fade. Too much light can also make it difficult to get that much-needed afternoon nap!

Installing indoor roller blinds is one way of controlling natural lighting. But, what other methods can you use to manage daylight so you have all-round protection from the glaring sun? Keep reading as we talk about the benefits of roller blinds PLUS other products that will help you light levels and help you live in comfort all year round.

3 Attractive Ways to Manage Natural Lighting of Your Home

1. Indoor Roller Blinds

Not all window treatments let you control the amount of daylight coming into your rooms. However, picking indoor roller blinds with 100% blockout fabric lets you manage the glare and heat inside your home while shielding you from harmful UV rays.

Indoor roller blind designs have come a long way since the original look and you can pick from a variety of fabrics, styles and features to complement your home’s décor. They’re customisable to suit any window, no matter its size or shape. What’s more, you can choose spring-loaded or chain-loaded systems for ease of use.

Motorised roller blinds make opening and closing them a breeze! With the touch of a button, your blinds will do as you command, effortlessly, smoothly and silently.

2. Folding Arm Awnings

Another way to control natural lighting in your home or outdoor entertainment space is to install folding arm awnings. They do more than keep the sunlight off your outdoor furnishing because they also shield you and your guests in the heat of the day and minimise light coming indoors.

Folding arm awnings add an element of luxury to your outdoor entertainment area along with stylish functionality that lets you manage natural lighting with ease. You can pick between manual or motorised designs, an assortment of fabrics and colours, and different style to match the façade of your home.

These retractable awnings let you control how much daylight you want coming through your windows as much as they keep your outdoor space protected from the sunlight during the day. Picking acrylic fabric for your folding arm awnings not only offers sun protection but also minimises glare on hot, sunny days.

3. Plantation Shutters

Installing indoor or outdoor plantation shutters on your windows is an attractive way of managing natural lighting in your home and they’re stylish and functional too. They suit most classical and contemporary home architecture while providing privacy and protection from too much daylight.

Plantation shutters are customisable to fit most window styles and shapes including arches and triangles. Picking plantation or wooden shutters with child-friendly features make them a wonderful addition to a family home.

Made with durable materials, plantation shutters are long-lasting and ideal for both heating and cooling rooms. They’re practical in design, making it easy to operate when you decide just how much light you want in a room. For an aesthetically appealing solution to controlling natural lighting in your home, you can’t go far wrong with plantation shutters!

Additional Solutions for Managing Natural Lighting in Your Home

Here are some additional solutions for managing the amount of daylight coming into your home:

  • Install double roller blinds: Blocking out light completely or letting in dappled sunlight, these blinds are made with a double layer of fabric. One layer is constructed with blackout fabric while the other is made with transparent material. You get to choose how much lighting you want, day or night, by opting for either layer.
  • Plant shrubs or trees: Planting shrubs or trees next to windows or outdoor entertainment areas gives shade without blocking out natural light entirely. However, you’ll need to trim them regularly to prevent them from becoming overgrown and completely obstructing the light.
  • Install fixed awnings: These work well for rooms that need all-day protection from sunlight and glare. Fixed awnings provide sufficient shading without blocking out the light completely and are attached to the exterior of your home above a window. Just remember you have no control over how much natural lighting comes in with this type of awning.

Using any of these options makes it possible to manage how much daylight you allow into your home or outdoor entertainment space without too much effort.

Final Thoughts

Managing natural lighting in your home is vital to limit glare, protect yourself or the interior from the sun and keep a room at a comfortable temperature. However, getting the balance right is crucial and installing attractive, adjustable features such as indoor roller blinds or folding arm awnings could be the solution you need!